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LIVE: UCI Road World Champs - Day 3

Published at 12:28am 23rd September 2019. (Updated at 5:27pm 23rd September 2019)

It's another day of action on the Harrogate Circuit as two Junior Individual Time Trials take place



That's all for today, we hoped you've enjoyed our coverage of today's races.  We'll be back tomorrow morning.  I'll leave you with this...


Road closure update

Harrogate Circuit and Ripon Road sector now fully open. 


What's happening tomorrow? 

  • Both the Menโ€™s Under 23 and Elite Womenโ€™s Individual Time Trials take place in the Harrogate Borough.
  • The races start in Ripon and end in Harrogate Town Centre.
  • Road closures begin from 08:00 and end by 18:00. 

You can find full detail here.  We'll be bringing you all the latest again here and on-air.  


Hope to see lots more of you in the Fan Zone tomorrow! 


Road closure update

A reminder that roads will re-open from 5.40pm




Here's the top ten from the men's race 


It's the Rainbow Jersey for Antonio Tiberi and Italy!

Team GB missed out on a medal in the men's race, but they did win bronze in the women's earlier.  


Some serious concentration here...



Polish riders hit the road

There are so many nationalities represented in the UCIs.  Here are some of the Polish riders...


If the race isn't exciting enough for you

You could give this a go....


Italian Antonio Tiberi takes the lead!

We've got a new leader! Antonio Tiberi of Italy didn't get off to a good start, but still manages to take the top spot.   The fourth of five batches of riders are out on the course now.


Grinton Moor Bridge to feature in UCIs 

The original bridge was destroyed in the July floods in North Yorkshire.  The Elite Men's Road Race will cross the temporary bridge on Sunday.  


A reminder about road closures

Just to remind you that the Harrogate Circuit and Ripon Road sector are closed.  We'll update you on road closures throughout the afternoon. 


Junior Men's Individual Time Trial update

This is how things stand at the moment.


New fastest time!

Dutch rider Enzo Leijnse has posted a new fastest time. 


Lots of people out supporting the riders...



Harry on the live blog for the next few hours as we bring you the latest on the Men's Individual Junior Time Trials.


Hotseat change

Funnily enough, the time trial leader sits in a "hot seat" it's like a throne on the stage in the Fan zone. They can stay there until their time gets beaten.

I'm not talking about that hot seat though - I'm talking about a change in live blog writer. I'm off to do the school run! Harry will be here momentarily to take you through the race until the roads re-open.

I'll leave you with this epic save from GB's Elynor Backstedt on her way to bronze this morning...


On-point Oscar

Halfway point he's the new leader, but the super fast German is behind him and a lot more riders to come.


Oscar's on a roll

He's pacing faster than the current leader did round the course, but he's actually 3rd fastest out there now. There's a German absolutely motoring!


Standings so far

A lot of riders still to come!


Look pretty!

This nice to see - local schools and community groups have embraced the spirit of the event (even if it's making life a bit harder for them) and created lovely artwork and events for the 9 days.


Home crowd advantage?

Here's Oscar Nilsson-Julien heading off. Isn't that the best name ever? Better than mine.



Our first Team GB rider is out on the 28km TWO LAP course (I'm with it now... a pro!)


Hang on... I told you I wasn't the biggest cycling fan

I've just realised they're doing two laps of the course in this race!

Ha. That job with BBC Sport is slipping away now... (probably for the best, I love Stray FM)

Anyway, the first riders are finishing the 2nd lap now. Current leader is the Estonian, Treimuth, with a time of 40:09.

Because it's two laps, riders go off in waves, with the 2nd group now rolling out every minute. That means it's likely he won't stay 1st all afternoon.

He knocked this chap off the top spot:



Still to come

Today's a pretty low-key day compared to what's to come.

Tomorrow we see our first Elite individual race, with the women's time trial from Ripon to Harrogate in the afternoon (the men's U23 is before that).

Then Wednesday the men have a go on a longer course from Northallerton.

We then switch our attention to road racing (where bikes all start together and the first one to finish wins) from Thursday.

The weekend sees the Elite women's road race on Saturday and men on Sunday. These are expected to be the biggest events.

Here's one of the biggest names preparing to head to Yorkshire:


If you're joining us now

We're mid-Men's individual junior time trial.

Racing's all in Harrogate today on the below circuit. Roads are fully closed to vehicles now, but should reopen around 4:30pm for crossing and then between then and 5:30pm fully. We'll let you know as soon as they're confirmed open.

(Incidentally, I drove down Otley Road after it opened on Saturday afternoon, was quite fun! Felt like I was on a race track with all the sponsor hoardings and things. Clearly I drove much more carefully than a race driver!)

UCI World Championships 2019 - Harrogate Circuit Map

Sub 20-minutes

An Estonian leads the way now, completing the 13.7km route in less than 20 minutes.

Now try that in a car at 5:30 on a Friday! :-p


Pipped at the post

Just watched the Italian, Piras, absolutely power up Parliament Street to take the lead by over 25 seconds.

Unfortunately for the Kazak rider in front, he also overtook him on the line, despite the minute's head start. Ouch.


Some of the action

A reminder you can watch along with the race on the BBC website or on the Red Button today.

The junior men are FLYING round the course. Just saw a speed of over 63km/h clocked on the screen - it was down Pot Bank though!


A word from our sponsors

If you manage to catch up with team Stray during the week we may just be able to give you a Slingsby Solo cap! Slingsby, Harrogate's famous gin, have created a range of pre-mixed gin drinks in time for The Worlds.

And here's the Mayor with one!


And the first rider is off

Reuben Thompson, from New Zealand rolls through the Fan Zone and then up West Park (the wrong way... if it was open of course!). He's wearing a helmet with WIGGINS on it.

Sure I know that name...


Sun looks great

There's some shots on the TV of people sat at tables outside bars in Harrogate enjoying the sun. I'm not jealous. I'm just chained to a laptop with a cold cup of tea.

Nice shot of a Yorkshire 2019 t-shirt too. If anyone from the organisers is reading this... I'm a large ;)


Here we go again!

Only minutes to go until the first rider rolls the ramp.


Almost time to get back underway

It's the junior men's turn next, with racing starting at 1:10pm

More riders than with the women, so slightly longer race.

Hoping we'll see roads reopening around 5pm. We'll keep an eye!


Yesterday's action

This is worth a watch if you didn't see the team event yesterday


If this doesn't say "Harrogate Welcomes The World" nothing does...

Those Norwegians love a dress up!



More Fan Zone highlights

As the crossing points close again ahead of racing just after 1pm on the Harrogate Circuit, here's a sneak peak of what you could see in the Fan Zone.


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Here's the footage of the wrong turn from this morning's winner. Who said Harrogate's road system was confusing?


Some nice shots

The great thing about the telly covering these races is they show amazing views of our local area. The coverage is excellent.

Right now I'm watching footage circling over Fewston reservoir. Gorgeous! 


Happy champion

Here's the Russian Rainbow Jersey recipient - she's probably extra happy as apparently she went the wrong way at one point, and STILL WON


Family Friendly Fun

It really is worth a trip to the Fan Zone with the family if you can. 

It's open until 6:30pm tonight so time for a wander after school if you fancy it!


Bronze for Britain

Despite the Yorkshire crowds roaring her on, Elynor couldn't improve on her 3rd place from last year. Still a fantastic achievement



These guys know a thing or two more about cycling than I do, but I can confirm that Elynor picked up a BRONZE medal for Team GB


And that's it

The riders have all crossed the line - I'll get you results in a moment, but here's a roads update. Crossing points are open now until 12:30, but the race course remains closed


The lead is changing

There's been a couple of new leaders over the last few minutes. Russian rider, Gareeva's just taken the lead with a time of 22:16.23

Not many left now!


The on course view

Ride behind a bike on the course for the last KM here


British hopes halfway point

Elynor Backsted is about half way and less than a second behind the leader. Could she be the first British World Champion in Yorkshire 2019?


Fan Zone entrance closed

If you're planning to go along, watch out for this. Looks like it's the entrance at the corner of Leeds Road and Otley Road


Low, low, low

I'm not a cyclist, so the hardcore amongst you might find this funny, but I always think it looks really uncomfortable on the back!

I mean, look at this:


Final riders on course

We're the final stages of the race and Leonie Bos from France still leads


Family fun and town is open!

If you're not that bothered about the cycling, but perhaps aren't at work or school today, there's plenty going on for you.

If you've got pre-school children there are lots of child friendly activities in the Fan Zone, including story telling and the like. It's not massively busy today either as it's the junior racing, so might be worth a look!

In town, we're hearing there's plenty of parking in places like the Odeon, Waitrose and Asda, as people are not making journeys.

So if you want to go shopping, or soak up some atmosphere, there are plenty of businesses that would love to see you.

Buses and trains running too.


Current standings

I've borrowed this tweet for the image. I don't know what it says, but here's what came up from Google Translate:

In case you didn't know it yet, champions maker 
 Has again a growth brilliant tackle. Beautiful time trial of Leonie Bos! #Yorkshire2019

Poetry right?



Signal's not amazing at the bottom of Pateley Bridge High Street, but here's that Will Smith enjoying the Nidderdale Show


Cyclists on A61 Ripon to Harrogate

We're hearing that some of the team's riders are having practise rides along the A61 between Harrogate and Ripon. So take care if you're travelling that route today, we know some of those bends can be nasty!

By the way, that road is a key part of tomorrow's race route - so if you use it, check the maps and times on tomorrow's guide now.

You might want to think about the A1 to travel between Harrogate and Ripon tomorrow.


The sun's out

And it's making Harrogate look good.

Here's some pretty pictures from the World Champs so far:


Big reception from the home fans

Yorkshire can put on a good crowd when it's needed, and the biggest roar of the day so far has come for the first young British rider:

By the way, I've just been watching a young Swiss rider put it all on the line as she crossed the finish. She then just sat on the floor gasping for air. These young riders are tough!!


International flavours

There are a total of 50 riders in this Women's Junior Time Trial happening on the Harrogate circuit now.

They hail from 31 different countries.

I wonder how many of them could find something to eat from their home country in Harrogate town centre? There must be a fairly decent number!


Getting quicker

It's often the way with these sorts of races that the faster riders set off later so you see an exciting finish to the event.

The leader so far has shaved a big chunk of time off already:


Still time to get down there...

If you're not at work (or even if you are and can make an excuse) there's still time to get down to the Harrogate Fan Zone to see the big British hope start on the ramp


First rider across the line

Just watched our first time trial rider finish in around 25 minutes.

To be fair, at rush hour when the roads are open you'd struggle to drive it that quick...


It's a tough ride

Just watching the first rider, from the Netherlands, climb up the hills around Pot Bank and Oaker Bank. It's not an easy thing to do!

Here's what the start looks like. Rain holding off for now, but wet roads!


Elsewhere - there's a show on!

Team Stray FM are doing bikes and countryside today. 

If you're at Nidderdale Show (which you CAN get to as the roads are open all around that area) then make sure you see the guys there, for your chance to win ยฃ10,000


And they're off

Riders are heading onto the course every few moments now.

A reminder of the circuit track here. It's one 16km lap for each rider. The winner is the fastest. Simples

UCI World Championships 2019 - Harrogate Circuit Map

DON'T pull your socks up

Apparently riders can't have socks that are too long. Look they even measure them!


Here's who's riding

There's quite a few of them. I'm watching them quickly choff on a banana before they hit the track on the TV coverage. (It's on BBC website and red button if you want to watch along)


Racing about to get underway

And the weather's holding up so far... the forecast isn't the best this week, so if you're heading out make sure you pack a raincoat.


Bus changes

There's changes to bus routes in and around Harrogate all week.

We've summed up all of the information we have on a handy guide here.

Worth checking, particularly later in the week when racing is around Ripon, Wetherby and Boroughbridge.


This will make you feel old

The Junior riders today were born after the Millennium. In fact, they were born between 2001 and 2002.

This Brit is hoping to go bigger this year, her second attempt at a World Championship title.

At her age I was working at Pizza Hut...


Racing starts from 10am

Riders will roll down the starting ramp in the Fan Zone from 10:10am at intervals until 11:25ish with racing complete by about 11:45. That's for the women's Junior race.

We'll then see crossing points on closed roads open for about 45 minutes, until they fully shut again at 12:30 ahead of the men's Junior race which kicks off at 1:40pm.

They'll be done about 4:10pm, when we'll start to see crossing points and then roads reopening as soon as they can. Yesterday they opened ahead of schedule.

Here's what that start looked like yesterday (but it'll be solo riders today!)


Back in the saddle

Morning! Tom here, taking over from May, who's focussing on the terrible news for thousands of staff and holidaymakers, following the collapse of Thomas Cook over night.

In Harrogate, we're having two junior races on the circuit today.

The same circuit that saw Yorkshireman Harry Tanfield win bronze yesterday as part of Team GB

Of course, the first World Champions were these guys:


These are the Team GB cyclists to watch out for:




Remember if you're heading into Harrogate to watch today's races, you can use the park and ride scheme at the Great Yorkshire showground.




It's the Men's and Women's Junionr Individual Time Trial today.

First up is the women - the first cyclist heads off on the Harrogate Circuit at 10.10am.




Roads around the Harrogate circuit are now CLOSED.

These include: 

  • Otley Road (B6162)
  • Pot Bank (B6161)
  • Oaker Bank (B6161)
  • Penny Pot Lane
  • Cornwall Road
  • Harlow Moor Drive
  • Harlow Moor Road
  • Valley Drive
  • Herefore Road
  • Kent Road
  • Ripon Road
  • Swan Road
  • Crescent Road