: Waiting for next track...

: Waiting for next track...

LIVE: UCI Road World Championships Day 4

LIVE: UCI Road World Championships Day 4

Published at 11:32pm 23rd September 2019. (Updated at 5:46pm 24th September 2019)

It's another double race day with Ripon hosting the starts as riders race to Harrogate for the fastest times.



That's all from us today, we'll be back tomorrow bringing you live coverage of the race.  Hope you've managed to enjoy yourselves -  despite the weather! 


Road closure update

The race route from Ripley to Ripon Road has now re-opened.  


What's happening tomorrow? 

It's the Men's Elite Time Trial, starting in Northallerton and ending in Harrogate.  The race starts at 13:10 and finishes at 15:50.  Full details, including road closures, can be found here.  




The medal winners celebrate on the podium


The USA's Chloe Dygert celebrates her win



Road closure update

The route between Ripon and Ripley has now re-opened.  Ripley to Harrogate is still closed. 




Some riders are already over the finish line



Road closure update 

Slight delay to re-opening of some crossing points, because of the delay to this afternoon's race


Shout out to the volunteers

Staging an event as big as the UCIs takes a lot of work and many volunteers have given up their time to help out.



Fans from all over the world

So many nationalities being represented in the UCIs.  These fans have come from Japan!


Plenty of home support for Team GB

Team GB's Hayley Simmonds is among those competing this afternoon 


The race has started!

The Women's Elite Time Trial is now underway.  Some of the riders took the first few corners pretty slowly, it's still quite wet out there....


Revised start list details 


Women's race delayed

The start of the Women's Elite Time Trials has been delayed until 15:30, because of the weather



A quick reminder...

If you are out on the roads this afternoon, there's a lot of surface water around


More closures and a changeover

So, we're back to full closures on the full race route now. That means Ripley to Birstwith, Hampstwaite, A59 to Ripon Road and Ripon Road down into the finish.

And as we're just about to see the race start it's time I depart.

My colleague Happy Harry will be taking over to guide you through until the roads re-open around 5:30pm tonight

Keep as dry as you can!



While we have a break it's worth mentioning that tomorrow's racing is a little more straightforward, as it's just the one race.

Having said that the Harrogate Circuit is closed for testing and practice from 10-12 with road closures for around an hour either side of that.

The Men's Elite Time Trial goes from Northallerton to Harrogate via Bedale, Masham and villages before joining the A61 at Ripley for a straight route down there to West Park. Those roads will close in the afternoon.

Full information on the Day 5 guide is available now to help you plan.


They must be tiny now

This was tweeted this morning...


This is accurate

And probably not a bad idea. Actually it looks fun, where can I try this?


A Yorkshire Legend

One of the British Cycling team members (not riders!) is a proper Yorkshireman. Here he explains why cycling and Yorkshire seem to work together so well...


When we say it's wet...

It's really wet. So wet that some bits might be easier to swim...


The buzz builds by the Cathedral

Team cars and riders are stepping up their preparations.


Full closures back in place

So with that news, roads from the start in Ripon Market Square down to Ripley are now fully closed until 4:30pm.

Roads from Ripley to Harrogate via Hampsthwaite and A59 to Ripon Road are currently open at CROSSING POINTS only. They close fully at 2:30pm and reopen from 5pm.

We'll let you know as and when we know that they're open.


We're on!

The organisers have confirmed in the media pavilion that the race goes ahead as scheduled this afternoon despite the rain.


Here's the champ

And he's a little damp.


Thoughts turn to this afternoon

The Elite Women's Individual Time Trial starts in around an hour. We're expecting big things from the Dutch riders in this one. 

It'll be a big TV audience around the world and if you're at home (or at work with a sneaky screen) you can watch along on BBC Two.

I imagine we might see a bit of hairy riding as the racers push the limits of their bikes on the sodden roads!


All the rainbows

I mean, even if you don't like cycling - you have to admire anyone who can win something three times in a row. And especially in that weather.


Half an hour to go until road closures

Crossing points start to close again at 2pm on the course. Riders start racing at 2:40pm.

By the way, I had a toastie for lunch if you're interested. Cheese and ham.


Crossing and crunching

As we're between races, and crossing points on roads are re-opening, I'm going to pause updates and have a spot of lunch.

If you're doing the same send me a pic of your food, it's what social media is for! I'm @StrayFMTom on Twitter.

I'll be back before the crossing points start to close to preview this afternoon.


In all seriousness

There were some hairy moments in that race this morning. The large amount of standing water on the course is a concern. Imagine the organisers will be out trying to clear it off a bit ahead of the elite women's race this afternoon from 2:30pm.

They'll certainly want it to go ahead - the world is watching!!

I mean...


Here's the winning moment

Bjerg is being interviewed today saying this is the hardest ride of the three World Championships he's won. He's talking about how hard the water on the course was and how dizzy he feels now! He feels terrible... but he's a champion!


One of the only things I know about cycling

Is that the Netherlands are very good at it.

And the medal table agrees:


Crossing points starting to open

Northern end of the route crossing points are good to go.

Southern end opening by 1pm.

Remember the route itself is CLOSED, you can't drive along it, just cross it.


The final rider is the winner!

And it's his hat-trick! His third U23 title in a row!


Three riders to go

Ian Garrison still leads - can he hang on?

Crossing points on the route are starting to open behind the riders as they pass down from Ripon towards Harrogate.

This afternoon we will have the Women's Elite Road Race. We hope...


So close!

Garrison's compatriot Brandon McNulty has just crossed the line after a really punishing push up Parliament Street, and missed out on going first by 1.6 seconds. Its a USA 1,2 at the moment


Final riders on the course

Our last rider is now about 20 minutes in, so about half way from Ripon to Harrogate.

We should therefore be seeing crossing points open in the Ripon area, and along the A61 to Ripley shortly.

Remember, roads don't fully open until after the 2nd race of the day.

Garrison is still leading, but there's some speedy riders out on the course.


This wasn't part of the plan

The weather isn't helping the roads away from the racing today.

Flooding starting to become an issue now.Get Pete on Stray FM live for all the travel news as it happens.



Check out this rider, not only going fast, not only beating the weather, but also fixing his bike!!



Sorry for the late update on this, with the weather and the crashes and the TV coverage going down it's all been a bit busy!

Anyway, here's Charlie's result:


Weather winning

The Fan Zone is closing in Harrogate. Racing continues!


Here's the hot seat

The leading rider gets to sit in a throne like seat until their time is beaten. It's on the stage in the Fan Zone so I bet it's a bit chilly there today!

Ian Garrison still leads.


That was one of the favourites

The video below was this chap:



It's so hard for these riders out there. This is the a spectacular tumble!


"Those should not be the conditions"

Not sure there's a lot the organisers can do about the weather!


Travel issues

The weather's not helping the driving situations either. There's been an accident on the A1(M).

If you don't need to travel in the car today, you might want to give any long journeys a miss!


Conditions are seriously tough

Riders are struggling and we're seeing them have to ease off on the pace to cope. I think there's been another mishap, but can't see the TV pictures. Will try and get something for you on it shortly.



While there's no TV coverage for me to watch the rain on, here's what our first British rider thought of his race:


TV Down

Well, I can't see much now - the TV coverage seems to have fallen victim to the weather.


The butt of the joke

Sorry couldn't resist a pun - it's not a joke. This looks sore!



We've just seen our first crash on the course. The Hungarian rider Valter just slipped through a puddle. He landed on his backside and slid about 10 metres down the road - almost getting faster as he went!

He's actually got back on his bike and kept going!

Will see if I can find a video for you shortly. It's getting wetter and wetter.



Want more in depth results and live times? Don't wait for my limited knowledge, look here:


A new leader

Ian Garrison of the USA is now leading by 29.65 seconds, breaking the 41 minute mark. Things will start heating up from here!


Fanzone operations impacted

Because of the poor weather, some parts of the Fan Zone aren't able to open today. The Zone itself is open, but these guys are not:


No luck of the Irish

Earlier I told you Ben Healey of Ireland was motoring - looks like he went off too fast and ended up over a minute off the pace across the line.

The Danish rider still leads.



The first of the two Team GB riders has finished. He's done well, but will be well down when other riders finish. A valiant effort!

And almost simultaneously the 2nd rider, Charlie Quarterman sets off from Ripon.



Rainbow feet

Check out these!! Where can I get a pair?


Finish line

We've had four riders across the line. Our Danish rider who was first off the start, still leads. His name is Morten Hulgaard and he's finished the tough course in 41:16.49.

Averaging over 44km/h. Crazy quick!


Volunteers do a fab job!


Irish rider fastest

So far, Ben Healey is looking quickest at the first timing point. It must feel a bit like home for him!


It's not an easy ride this

There's the weather. There's the cold. There's the fact it's a long way. And there's the hills:


Planning a trip to Ripon?

If you're wanting to get to Ripon today, you can get in absolutely fine from the A1 past the racecourse. That's the best route to Harrogate from Ripon today too.

Heading into town? Here's a handy map of where everything is


Support is noticed

If you're out on the course with this on our app, or you're reading this later on, OR you're planning to head out later to watch racing, let it be known that you're very much appreciate


Hey, we can say this... not sure you can!

We make the weather jokes around here UCI!


Superb schools

How exciting must this kind of event be for primary school children? Colours, fast moving people and LOADS of police cars and bikes. Buzzing.



The first of the two Team GB riders has left Ripon. We'll see how he goes!


Wet, wet, wet

Watching our first rider head down to South Stainley on the A61. So weird seeing zero cars on it!

Here he is starting - bet those cobbles are slippy! (By the way UCI refer to today as Day 3, as Saturday wasn't part of the World Championships - we haven't gone mad!)


Some lovely shots

Charlotte's sent us these on twitter (@strayfm) from yesterday. It's such a colourful event isn't it?


Glasses free zone

Normally cyclists will wear glasses or visors on their helmets. The first rider not today - as there's so much rain.

Anyway, the racing is now underway. 61 riders taking part.


It's really wet

The judges look a bit miserable


Here's a reminder of the details

This is a handy little run down of today:


Final checks

Watching the TV coverage of a man scanning a bike with an iPad. It's amazing the stringent checks, and the technology they have now, before riders can head off.

All in the name of fair play I guess!


Ripon spirit

There have been loads of tiny little rainbow jerseys all across the city for weeks ahead of today. The team behind it have worked their socks off on them!


Want some names to look out for?

If you're following the race along here's some names the organisers have tipped to look out for.


We really are welcoming the road

Clips like this remind you of how big this event is. I bet he's cycled the whole island!


Ten minutes to go. Full closures in place

With 10 minutes until the first rider rolls, closures are now fully in place along the whole route


Ripon's ready

Will Smith's been in the city all morning getting the atmosphere.

Here he is with the mayor


Bus changes

With the A61 shut between Harrogate town centre and the Little Wonder roundabout and again from Ripley and Ripon there are significant changes to buses.

Check our bus guide here


This afternoon is a big one!

After the U23 race this morning, the Elite Women's race will be taking place on the same course.

More world champions to be crowned today, with the fastest time on the course the winner.

This is one of the riders to look out for. She's going for a hattrick of wins!


Rely on Ripon to keep it Rolling

The crowds are gathering in Ripon, despite two things to put them off... rain and Stray FM's Will Smith being there!

Here's the view from the start ramp in the centre of the City.


Final preparations

Why good morning! Tom checking in to take over the blog from May until this afternoon.

Stay here for road closure news, photos, videos and some really terrible sports journalism.

Not the best weather but that won't stop the festivities. First riders set off just after 10am for the Men's U23 Time Trial - you can watch it on the BBC website or red button. This afternoon it's on BBC Two!


Complete closures underway

Routes in and around Ripon are beginning to close completely for today's cycling action.

Longer closures are in place in Ripon - as the races start off in the City.

For all information on road closures, check out the Stray FM, Day Four guide.




Cycling = Maths. Obvs

Teachers are using the cycling theme in their classrooms.

I was never good at maths - but this may have helped.

It's great to see so many people incorporating the international event in their every day lives!


Support Ollie get his own wheels

We all want to be able to have a chance to hop on a bike - whether we want to or not. But for some that might not be possible.

Meet little Ollie - who suffers from severe multi-focal epilepsy and motor-dyspraxia.

He so desperately wants his own wheels - to allow him to cycle.

His parents have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise ยฃ1,500 to purchase a Tomcat trike for Ollie.

This will be so much more than just a bike to Ollie - it'll help him with his independence and freedom.

Dig deep and donate: as much or as little as you can! All in the spirit of cycling!



Ripon is ready

Excitement has started to build in Ripon. Not long time the men's under 23 get going!

Spectators are travelling from every corner of the globe to support the cyclists.

However, these guys are closer to home - they're from Moonglu - a cycling club based in Ripon.

Either way, get cheering.........



Inspiring the next generation

It's fantastic how the road world cycling event is encouraging people of all ages to get on their bike.

For these youngsters from Saltergate schools, it's a day they'll cherish for a long time to come:


Who's up next?

The Men's Under 23 Individual Time Trial gets underway at 10.10am - look at the inclines on the 30km route from Ripon to Harrogate.



Plan your journey

Road closures have started to come into place.

Please don't get caught out!



Backstedt describes bronze as an unbelievable experience

"The crowds were incredible"

Elynor Backstedt reflects on her Bronze medal in yesterday's Women's Junior Individual Time Trial event.

She claims she enjoyed the hill and technical Harrogate circuit but almost came off her bike.

GB's Leo Hayter and Oscar Nilsson-Julien also both earned themselves top-10 finishes in the menโ€™s equivalent.





Attention, focus, and concentration

Great day of action yesterday - we can't wait for the action to start again today!



Road closures

Morning all!

May from News at the helm until Sir Tom - our resident cycling/road closure guru - takes over.

It's just a reminder that today's race starts in Ripon and ends in Harrogate - so road closures around Ripon will apply fairly early.

The Men's Under 23 race gets things going from 10am ish. The women's elite time trials then get underway this afternoon.

That said, both races travel along the same route - it's worth checking the deets below so you're not caught out!



More to follow

Updates will appear here from around 8am, as roads begin to close along the race route.

In the meantime, see the full maps, timings and closure information on our Day 4 guide.