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Manchester attack: UK resumes US intelligence-sharing after leak row

British police have resumed intelligence-sharing ties with US law enforcement after they were temporarily stopped in a row over leaks about the Manchester bombing investigation.

A tale of two presidents: Angela Merkel meets Obama and Trump

Angela Merkel was lavished with praise by Barack Obama just hours before she met his successor Donald Trump on Thursday.

Monstrous 'Earth-sized' cyclones detected on Jupiter

A NASA spacecraft has spotted monstrous 'Earth-sized' cyclones churning over of the poles of Jupiter.

Donald Trump ruffles feathers in Brussels with blunt words during NATO visit

It's been a day of acute awkwardness, one of those 'oh-to-be-a-fly-on-the-wall' days - a body language expert's dream.

Former Greek PM Lucas Papademos hurt in Athens car bomb

Greece's former prime minister Lucas Papademos has been hurt by an explosive device hidden in an envelope, according to police.

Manchester attack intelligence leaks 'deeply troubling', says Donald Trump

Donald Trump has said intelligence leaks related to the Manchester attack in the US was "deeply troubling".

Iran announces new underground ballistic missiles factory

Iran says it has built a third underground ballistic missiles factory, risking inflaming tensions with the US.

US warship sails near reef in South China Sea in challenge to Beijing

China has accused the United States of trespassing after an American warship sailed near a reef claimed by Beijing in the South China Sea.

Republican Greg Gianforte charged after 'body slamming' Guardian reporter

The Republican candidate in a crucial US election race has been charged with assault after he allegedly "body slammed" a journalist.

North Korea accuses South of machine-gunning birds in Demilitarized Zone

North Korea has accused the South of firing 450 machine gun rounds at a flock of birds flying over the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries.

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Four found dead in tent at highest camp on Mount Everest

Four found dead in tent at highest camp on Mount Everest

Four bodies have been found inside a tent at the highest camp on Mount Everest.

Manchester Arena attack: UK hits out at US 'leaks' over terror inquiry

Manchester Arena attack: UK hits out at US 'leaks' over terror inquiry

British counter-terrorism officials have hit out at their US counterparts for apparently leaking intelligence to the American media in connection with the Manchester attack inquiry.

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