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Zimbabwe's worst economic crisis in a decade: Street vendors sell contraband

Faced with its worst economic crisis in a decade and an unemployment rate of 90%, Zimbabwe is fast becoming a nation of street vendors.

Freed pastor prays with Donald Trump - and asks God to give the president 'supernatural wisdom'

An American pastor freed from jail in Turkey has prayed with Donald Trump - and asked God to lend the president "supernatural wisdom".

18 dead after Hurricane Michael batters Florida - and figure likely to rise

At least 18 people have died in the biggest storm to hit Florida since the 1800s.

Would-be mayor records topless video after break-in

A Canadian mayoral hopeful, running as an "anti-corruption" candidate in an upcoming election, has linked a break-in at his house to his bid for office.

Jamal Khashoggi: Missing journalist 'recorded audio of his killing on Apple watch'

Missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi recorded audio on his Apple watch of the moments he was allegedly interrogated, tortured and then killed, according to reports.

Seven climbers dead and two missing on Nepal's Mount Gurja after storm hits camp

Seven climbers are dead and two more are missing after a strong storm swept through a base camp on a Himalayan mountain.

NATO prepared for 'growing Russian threat'

The United States and its NATO allies are ready to respond to a growing threat from Russia, the top American commander in Europe has told Sky News.

Chinese kit 'putting all of us at risk' if used in 5G

Security threats from Chinese companies building 5G networks could end up "putting all of us at risk" if they are not tackled quickly, according to a former security minister.

Sound mixer working on Tom Hanks film dies after fall from balcony

A sound mixer working on a Tom Hanks feature has died after falling from a balcony on the set of his new film about children's television presenter Fred Rogers.

Prince's family demands Donald Trump stop playing singer's music at rallies

The family of music icon Prince has hit out at Donald Trump, calling for the US president to stop playing the star's songs at his rallies.

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Trending in Yorkshire

Harrogate school girl chats to Little Mix

Ruby Stephenson who attends Rossett school in Harrogate put her questions to Little Mix at Stray FM.

Groups unite to improve mental health in Harrogate

Organisations will join forces to improve mental health and wellbeing in Harrogate.

RSPCA wants animal welfare taught in Yorkshire's schools

A fifth of kids in the county have seen animal abuse online.

Nigel Farage to speak at Harrogate Brexit rally

It's happening on Saturday in the town.

15 Arrests in North Yorkshire after "county lines" crackdown

It's when organised crime gangs exploit vulnerable children and adults to sell drugs.

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