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Bare arms on female newsreaders 'demeaning', says Canada's former PM

Canada's first female prime minister has claimed it is "demeaning" for women newsreaders to wear sleeveless outfits on television.

Ocean Rescue: Prince Charles speaks out over 'plight' of world's coral reefs

More must be done to address the "stark and desperate" plight facing the world's coral reefs, Prince Charles has said.

Prince Henrik: Danish prince denied title of King dies

Denmark's Prince Henrik, who was known for his resentment at being denied the title of king, has died at the age of 83.

European Union economy records fastest economic growth in a decade

The EU economy grew at its fastest rate in 10 years in 2017, registering a 2.5% increase on the year before.

No 'fall back' for British security without EU deal, Theresa May warned

Britain would have no "fall back" on security partnerships with the EU if it crashed out of the bloc without a deal, Theresa May has been warned.

One person shot as car rams barrier at National Security Agency headquarters

At least one person has been shot near America's secretive National Security Agency headquarters in Maryland.

Roses are red, violets face ban, Indonesian hardliners: 'Valentine's is haram'

Conservative Muslims in Indonesia have banned Valentine's Day, with police rounding up couples caught celebrating it in major cities.

South Africa's Zuma hits back at 'very unfair' effort to force him from power

South Africa is set to have a new leader as the African National Congress (ANC) prepares to kick out President Jacob Zuma in a no-confidence motion.

US magazine Salon in novel bid to fight rise of ad blockers

Instead of displaying advertisements, a popular online magazine is planning on using its audience's "unused computing power" to mine cryptocurrency.

Emergency landing as United Airlines plane engine cover falls off mid-flight

Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment passengers aboard a United Airlines flight to Hawaii were told to prepare for an emergency landing after an engine cover fell off.

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Emmerdale stars in surprise wedding at Harrogate's Ripley Castle

Guests were only given 45 minutes notice of what was going on.

Driver fled after collision near Harrogate

Police warn 'we are on to you', after driver flees Harrogate collision

Woman left injured in her car after crash on Saturday night.

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