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Cancer cells use biological 'drones' to battle immune system - study

Scientists have discovered how cancer cells use biological "drones" in their battle with the body's immune system.

Growing fears that stranded crocodiles may spark an 'international incident'

Officials fear an "international incident" over the potential escape of hundreds of crocodiles left stranded at a remote farm on the Israeli border.

Indian family thrown off British Airways flight over 'crying child'

Indians are threatening to boycott British Airways after a family claimed they were thrown off one of its planes because their child was crying.

Lombok earthquake: Number killed on Indonesia tourist island rises to 319

The number of people killed in an earthquake on an Indonesian tourist island has risen from 131 to 319.

Police dog Abbie accidentally overdoses on heroin in Oregon jail

A drug-detection dog had her life saved by an overdose-reversal drug after she was accidentally exposed to heroin in a US prison.

Clashes in Argentina after plans to legalise abortion rejected

Protesters have lit fires and thrown bottles at police after Argentina's senate rejected a bill to legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Hackers can steal money from insecure stock trading apps, researchers warn

Security vulnerabilities in stock trading apps could allow hackers to steal money, researchers have warned.

Airstrike on children's bus in Yemen kills at least 43

At least 43 people have been killed in an airstrike which hit a bus carrying children in northern Yemen.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe will fly closer to the sun than any other man-made object

NASA is close to launching a spacecraft on a voyage to the sun that will give scientists their closest-ever view of the star.

Parkland school shooting suspect: Kill me, I'm worthless

Footage has been released of Nikolas Cruz asking police to kill him shortly after he was arrested following the massacre at a Florida high school.

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North Yorkshire Police 101 999

Harrogate criminal ordered to pay £70,000 or face prison

A judge found he benefited this amount from his cannabis plant

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New Chief Constable pledges to sort out 101 service

Lisa Winward has been confirmed in her new role.

Objects thrown at police in Craven

Tyres and bikes were thrown during police chase.

"Totally undemocratic" - residents slam decision over new homes at Stockeld

The council voted against planning permission, but will take the decision AGAIN

Harrogate criminal ordered to pay £70,000 or face prison

A judge found he benefited this amount from his cannabis plant

Leeds Festival-goers could be stranded as taxis may "not turn up"

It's all down to a change in parking arrangements

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