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New name for Dales landmark

New name for Dales landmark

Published at 4:43pm 18th February 2015. (Updated at 10:54am 19th February 2015)

One of the most famous features of the Yorkshire Dales National Park has a new name in Mandarin.

Malham Cove is among 101 British tourist attractions which have been given alternative titles as part of national tourism agency VisitBritain's new 'GREAT names for GREAT Britain' campaign.

It's aimed at encouraging more tourists from China to travel further afield around Britain.

Chinese people were invited to come up with the most fitting, amusing and memorable names for attractions.

Their suggestions for Malham Cove included 'White cliff reborn in fire' and 'Vast white cliff spreading miles', but the favourite choice was 'White cliff with water crossed'.

Peter Charlesworth, Chairman of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, said: "It is fantastic that a feature of the Yorkshire Dales National Park is being looked at and talked about in China. The country has a huge pool of tourists and anything that can tempt them to come here in the future can only be good for our communities.

"Latest figures show there were 196,000 visits to Britain from China in 2013 - contributing £492 million to the UK's economy. While some Chinese visitors do come to the National Park now, we would like to have more - it would be good for the economy of our communities and would help yet again to showcase this fantastic countryside to the world."

Joss Croft, Marketing Director at VisitBritain, added: "The campaign has given Malham Cove huge exposure across China and the opportunity to create a unique affinity with potential Chinese tourists.

"We hope its new Mandarin name raises its profile and enables it to compete effectively for the world's biggest outbound market, which will deliver local growth and jobs across the National Park."