Bettys website hacked

Bettys website hacked

Published at 3:53pm 18th May 2015. (Updated at 6:13pm 18th May 2015)

Customers of Harrogate-based Bettys are being urged to change their online passwords after the company's website was hacked.

Data was accessed several days ago and e-mails have been sent out to everyone on the customer database.

For the vast majority of the 120,000 people affected, the data copied is limited to names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords.

For the remainder, it could also include telephone numbers and postal addresses.

In a statement, the company said: " has been affected by a data breach. This happened as the result of an industry-wide software weakness.

"That allowed someone to illegally gain access to our customer data. We would like to stress that your credit or debit card details have not been copied, as this information is stored on a completely separate system managed by a certified third party.

"Bettys takes customer confidentiality extremely seriously and we have carried out a full investigation with our security partners. The software issue has been addressed and further security measures have been put in place.

"Whilst customer passwords were encrypted, there is a risk that they could still be vulnerable, so we're contacting all customers with details of the situation and advice regarding password protection.

"It's a completely unprecedented event for us and we're extremely sorry that the breach has occurred."

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