Police chief: force will "shrink" but be "better deployed"

Police chief: force will "shrink" but be "better deployed"

Published at 7:03am 4th June 2015. (Updated at 3:45pm 4th June 2015)

North Yorkshire's Chief Constable has been spelling out how the police force will change in the wake of further budget cuts.

Dave Jones has reiterated his intention to work closer with other police forces and use new technology to ensure they can keep officers on the beat.

The county's most senior officer has been meeting the public in Harrogate as part of an exhibition which is touring North Yorkshire.

It aims to offer an insight into policing, including how just a quarter of police time is spent on criminal activities.

Speaking to Stray FM, Chief Constable Dave Jones said: "We have to have an honest conversation with the public, don't we?

"We have a budget of roughly £140 million and I have to find £20 million of savings over the next 3 to 4 years and 8 out of every 10 pence that we spend is actually on people.

"So the organisation will shrink, but what we will have will be better deployed, better trained and better equipped.

"The number of Neighbourhood Officers and the number of Police Community Support Officers, which we know the public love, we are going to try and preserve those numbers.

"Then we're looking at other things like collaboration with other police forces to try and provide the service for a lesser cost and hopefully the public really shouldn't notice and they'll still get that really good police service they've always enjoyed."

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, added: "The financial situation means that all public services are having to make some tough decisions - including the police - so it is important that we help everyone to understand the issues.

"I'm looking forward to meeting people at these events, and sharing the direction of travel for the North Yorkshire Police."

More information about the 'Policing in North Yorkshire' exhibition and venues at www.nypolice.eventbrite.co.uk