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Fight to save Settle Pool

Fight to save Settle Pool

Published at 4:23pm 17th June 2015. (Updated at 5:02pm 17th June 2015)

The future of one of the Dales' main swimming pools is under threat.

From next year, the charity-run Settle Pool is set to lose its grant from Craven District Council.

The committee, which has been preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary, is now turning to the community to help raise funds.

Committee member Jean Lonsdale said: "We've had that grant for as long as the pool has been going, I think. Without it, we're losing a substantial amount of money and it's such a small community. If we lose the pool, then it's going to be an absolute disaster for the children of the area.

"The pool means a huge amount, because the nearest pool to here is Skipton. Ingleton opens in the summer, but for children they don't always have the transport to get there."

Responding to the concerns, Councillor Richard Foster, Leader of Craven District Council, said: "In December 2013, mindful of the financial challenges we are facing as an authority as a result of a sustained programme of Government funding cuts, we reviewed the grants we give to community organisations.

"As part of that review, members agreed to continue with its core funding programme for an additional two years (2014/15 and 2015/16) to give organisations plenty of time to make plans for when the funding ended.

"It was made very clear in granting organisations the funding that this would end after 2015/16.

"One of the conditions of the funding was that organisations would need to work with the Council to ensure their sustainability once the funding came to an end.

"Council officers have been working with Settle Pool to secure the sustainability of the organisation in the future.

"This has included support from the manager of Craven Pool and Fitness Centre and conducting a review of energy efficiency measures at the facility.

"We will continue to support the pool with their business plan over the coming year."