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Police open up on use of stop and search

Police open up on use of stop and search

Published at 8:05am 30th June 2015. (Updated at 3:02pm 30th June 2015)

Around 17 people are temporarily detained every day by police in North Yorkshire using stop and search powers.

A new project will allow members of the public to come and watch officers in action.

The law allows police to stop anyone they suspect of doing something illegal, but critics say some groups are disproportionately targeted.

Over 6,400 stop and searches were carried out in the county last year.

Under the new Stop and Search Lay Observer Scheme, members of the public can apply to accompany officers on patrol when they might deploy stop and search powers.

Chief Inspector Mark Grange, of North Yorkshire Police, said: "By introducing ‘lay observation’, a process of two-way learning can take place, bringing the police closer to the public.

"Under this scheme, the police have the opportunity to demonstrate their use of stop and search, while members of the public will be provided with the opportunity to see stop and search in action, and provide feedback based on their observations.

"I would encourage anyone interested in observing stop and search in action to visit our website to find out more."

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