Campaigners protest on Ilkley Moor

Campaigners protest on Ilkley Moor

Published at 8:00am 8th August 2015. (Updated at 1:10pm 10th August 2015)

Protesters have held a ‘Walk for Wildlife’ on Ilkley Moor to show their opposition to grouse shooting.

Campaign group Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) is calling for the sport to be banned on the Bradford Council-owned land. 

A decision to allow grouse shooting to continue there was made by councillors earlier this year.

Luke Steele, spokesman for BBIM, said: "Ilkley Moor is the last public moorland in the country where grouse 
shooting is still allowed.

"This results in moor users feeling threatened by gunfire, wildlife suffering, including grouse left downed and wounded by unclean kills, and protected upland habitat being damaged by management practices, including burning which harms blanket bog.

"Bradford Council needs to move with the times, like every other local authority which owns moorland has done, and immediately withdraw from its cruel, damaging and unworkable grouse shooting deed."

Grouse shooting supporters have long argued that the practice helps to manage the moorland and encourages biodiversity.

They also say it brings money to the area.