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More top marks for North Yorkshire's A-level students

More top marks for North Yorkshire's A-level students

Published at 3:24pm 13th August 2015. (Updated at 5:35pm 13th August 2015)

Students across North Yorkshire have once again secured impressive results in their A-levels.

It means that they're well-placed to go on to their preferred university course, training or employment.

North Yorkshire has consistently been in the top 15% of authorities nationally for A-level success in previous years.

Early indications suggest that the county has maintained its position.

Queen Ethelburga's has achieved a 100% pass rate for all Year 13 pupils studying both A-levels and BTECs.

Lolly Hernandez, 18, from Ripon, gained A* in English, A in Geography, A in Psychology and A in Biology.

She said: "I was really pleased when I got my results, because that means I can now go on to study psychology and hopefully move into the area of Clinical Psychology.

"It has been a lot of hard work, study, review and revision, but I am so delighted to have achieved what I have and am thankful to all of my teachers who have helped me through it all.

James Cornforth, 18, from Plompton, secured A* in Economics, A in Geography, A in History and A in Chemistry.

He said: "I'm really happy. I've achieved what I have through tenacity and effort, but also through the support and enthusiasm of my teachers.

"I am very excited about going on to university and hope that I can do just as well there."