Police finish search for Heath intelligence

Police finish search for Heath intelligence

Published at 3:15pm 18th August 2015. (Updated at 11:53am 24th August 2015)

North Yorkshire Police says it has found no evidence to link Sir Edward Heath to a crime in the county.

It's been looking over its records as several other forces investigate allegations involving the former Prime Minister.

There are reports a prison officer working in North Yorkshire has made an allegation, however the incident is said to have taken place outside of the county.

A spokesperson from North Yorkshire Police said: "Following a comprehensive search of force systems, North Yorkshire Police can confirm that nothing was found to designate Edward Heath as either a suspect or a victim of crime in North Yorkshire.

"One piece of intelligence held in relation to Mr Heath, though not connected to the North Yorkshire area, has been passed to Wiltshire Police as the force leading the investigation into the deceased former Prime Minister."

Sir Edward, who led the Government between 1970 and 1974, died aged 89 in 2005.