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More support for diabetes patients

More support for diabetes patients

Published at 2:17pm 28th August 2015. (Updated at 2:20pm 28th August 2015)

People with diabetes in Craven can now benefit from a new course to help them cope with their condition.

The X-PERT Diabetes Programme has already been running successfully in Airedale and Wharfedale for patients affected by Type 2 diabetes.

It's led by a specialist diabetes nurse and specialist diabetes dietitian for between 10 and 15 people, helping them to set realistic goals and make changes to their lifestyle.

Lilian Dunphy, 71, said she felt "lucky" to get a place on the X-PERT course which has been held at Fisher Medical Centre in Skipton.

She said: "It was fantastic. I thought I would know about everything already - but I didn't. I learnt about the benefits of eating slow release foods such as porridge, what you should choose when shopping, as the group were taken on a trip out to a supermarket, which desserts are best when eating out and how you should divide your plate up into each type of food.

"The information was great, we were all given a handbook to refer to and the course leaders were lovely. I really appreciated the programme and was quite disappointed when it finished."

Lilian was diagnosed just over a year ago and believes that it was brought on partly by a period of stress in her life.

Now, she has better control of the condition and her blood glucose levels have reduced.

Some possible benefits of taking part in the course include increased energy levels, improved fitness, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, weight loss and a reduced risk of heart disease and other long-term conditions.

Laura Rowe, diabetes specialist dietitian and team leader at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: "The X-PERT course helps participants understand how their body works to give them greater control over their condition.

"There has been a rapid rise in the number of adults developing Type 2 diabetes in recent years. This is due mostly to increasing levels of obesity, as well as low levels of exercise and an ageing population.

"It is important that people with Type 2 diabetes eat a healthy, balanced diet and have a healthy weight. The X-PERT programme will support participants with these goals."

Dr Graeme Summers, executive GP at NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), added: "There has been successful take-up already in some parts of the CCG area of the X-PERT Diabetes Programme and this latest development in Craven ensures services are accessible in all areas the CCG covers.

"Opportunities for sustained lifestyle change are amongst the most clinically effective interventions that we can offer to people with diabetes. This programme supports our objective of supporting people to be active participants in their own healthcare, and the CCG is committed to increasing the availability of educational programs like X-PERT to enable people to do this."

Courses have already been held at Dyneley House Surgery and Fisher Medical Centre in Skipton and Ilkley Moor Medical Practice.

Anyone who wants to join the X-PERT Diabetes Programme can ask their GP or health professional for a referral or contact the team based at Horton Park Diabetes Centre themselves on 01274 323729.