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More homes planned for Craven

More homes planned for Craven

Published at 5:28pm 4th November 2015. (Updated at 5:33pm 4th November 2015)

New housing targets have been set in Craven to help reduce the number of people moving elsewhere.

Between now and 2032, it's hoped that around 250 homes will be built across the district each year.

Councillors have also decided that most of the homes should be concentrated in Skipton, Settle and Bentham.

Their housing strategy will now go before the full council on 1 December.

Councillor Richard Foster, Leader of Craven District Council, said: "This is an important step forward in the process of completing the Craven Local Plan, which is vital for the district."

David Smurthwaite, Strategic Manager for Planning and Regeneration, added: "Each local planning authority is required to identify their 'full objectively assessed need' for housing as the Government aims to boost significantly the supply of housing.

"This covers all of the district's housing needs, from starter homes through to care homes."

An assessment of the local housing market has highlighted that by 2032, even after building 154 houses per year, Craven would lose 4,600 people aged 16 to 64, whilst at the same time having a dramatic increase of 7,500 extra people aged 65 and over.

Mr Smurthwaite added: "Such a loss of workforce would be likely to have a dramatic effect on Craven's businesses as they seek employees from further afield.

"Craven District Council is required to plan for enough housing to support the district's economic potential and so will need to encourage more families into the area to account for the forecast losses and also meet any additional economic growth."