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'Dear Santa' safety plea

'Dear Santa' safety plea

Published at 10:56am 3rd December 2015. (Updated at 5:52pm 3rd December 2015)

North Yorkshire Police is using Twitter to spread the word about staying safe over Christmas.

As part of its 'Dear Santa' campaign, people are being encouraged to share their wishes for a safe Christmas on social media with the hashtag #NYPdearsanta.

Officers will tweet safety messages in a series of 'letters' to Santa.

The campaign has a serious side, with a focus on drink and drug-driving, personal safety, domestic abuse and keeping your things safe.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy said: "Alcohol features heavily in many of the incidents we're are called to over the festive season. While we don't want to spoil anyone's fun, we do want people to stay safe and secure and have a peaceful Christmas.

"We see only too often the tragedy and heartache caused by too much drinking or drug-taking. Christmas is the season of goodwill and we hope that everyone experiences this, whether they are our partying, staying in, or choosing not to celebrate.

"Our officers and volunteers will be out and about helping to keep North Yorkshire safe over Christmas and we ask everyone to do their bit to stay safe and secure. Don't drink so you are out of control, don't ever drink and drive, keep your things and yourself safe."

Four simple messages will run throughout the campaign:

Drink responsibly

  • The drink and drug-driving aspect is underpinned by Operation Attention which will see officers cracking down on drivers who put lives in danger by drinking or taking drugs before getting behind the wheel.

Plan your journey home

  • Christmas parties and family gatherings are often helped along with lots of alcohol.
  • Simple personal safety measures can help keep you safe, such as drinking within your limits, alternating with soft drinks, arranging transport home in advance and sticking with your friends on a night out.

Violence at home - call us

  • Victims of domestic abuse are encouraged not to suffer in silence and to get the help they need.
  • Domestic abuse increases over the Christmas period and it is vital that victims and their families get the support they need.
  • If you don’t want to call the police, Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) has a 24-hour helpline 03000 110 110 and recently launched a live chat service at

Lock up, light up

  • You have worked hard all year to buy your loved ones gifts for Christmas, so don't let a thief steal your Christmas.
  • Criminals know there are rich pickings to be had at this time of year.
  • Please make sure you keep presents and valuables out of sight of prying eyes.
  • Always keep your doors locked - even when you are home.
  • Use a light timer switch when you are out - a burglar is more likely to target an unlit home and keep your car keys hidden away.