New Year warning for drink and drug-drivers

New Year warning for drink and drug-drivers

Published at 7:12pm 5th January 2016. (Updated at 10:53am 6th January 2016)

Police in North Yorkshire say there will be "no let-up" in their crackdown on drink and drug-driving.

The warning comes after officers arrested 124 people during the Christmas campaign.

Operation Attention saw a 20% increase in arrests compared to the previous year.

It's estimated that over 2,000 breath tests were carried out by officers from 1 to 31 December.

The highest reading was provided by a 40-year-old woman from Richmond who blew over five times the legal limit.

32 arrests were made for drug-driving, with 27 of those as a direct result of new roadside drug screening tests.

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick said: "At the beginning of Operation Attention, we issued a clear warning that we would be patrolling our roads looking for drink and drug-drivers and that, on arrest, they would face serious consequences. That's why it is both frustrating and disappointing to see a large number of drivers chose not to heed our warning and acted irresponsibly, putting themselves and other road users at risk.

"In spite of the devastation that drink and drug-driving causes being common knowledge, I find it staggering that people still choose to flout the law and drive whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. I have said it many times before, the safe limit is zero.

"Whilst the Christmas campaign may have come to an end, there will be no let-up from officers looking out for drink and drug-drivers on North Yorkshire's roads, and I urge the communities of North Yorkshire to join us in the fight against drink and drug-driving by reporting anyone they suspect of getting behind the wheel while impaired."