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Higher bill for policing

Higher bill for policing

Published at 5:30pm 28th January 2016. (Updated at 5:38pm 28th January 2016)

The amount which households pay for policing in North Yorkshire is set to increase.

Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan has announced plans to raise the precept by 1.99% for the average Band D property.

It follows a public consultation in which two out of three respondents said they wanted the precept to rise.

The increase will add an extra 8p a week or £4.15 per year to council tax bills and raise £1.2 million for North Yorkshire Police.

Mrs Mulligan will formally tell North Yorkshire's Police and Crime Panel on 4 February.

She said: "I look forward to discussing the matter with the panel and outlining the reasons why I believe an 8p-a-week increase in the precept is the right decision.

"North Yorkshire is the safest place in England and our police do a good job. But like everywhere else, we have our challenges and I want to make sure the force has the money it needs to deliver the frontline services we value so highly.

"When the Government decided its contribution to North Yorkshire's force, they assumed a precept rise of 1.99%.

"That means a freeze in the precept would effectively mean a cash cut of £1.2 million. On top of the previous cuts and new demands on policing, that would inevitably hit services.

"I have therefore listened carefully to the public and, given their clear steer, feel this is the right action to take."