Winter security warning for drivers

Winter security warning for drivers

Published at 11:53am 15th February 2016. (Updated at 4:55pm 15th February 2016)

Police in North Yorkshire are asking motorists to be vigilant whilst de-icing their cars after two vehicles were stolen.

Both incidents happened in Norton, near Malton, this morning and the cars had been left with their engines running.

Sergeant Zak Ahmed said: "It's vital that vehicles are defrosted properly and you have good, all-round visibility, however, vehicle owners should remain vigilant and either stay with their vehicle while defrosting it, or use a scraper and de-icer to defrost their cars.

"Malton is a low crime area, and I can understand that people will have been off their guard in such a safe area, however, crime can and does happen in our town, so we ask that no-one, either in Malton or anywhere else, ever leaves their car unattended with the engine running."

Anyone with any information about a vehicle theft is asked to call 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.