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Craven recycling sites reviewed

Craven recycling sites reviewed

Published at 8:03am 10th March 2016.

Recycling sites across Craven are going to be reviewed by council bosses.

There are currently 24 'bring sites' on council or parish-owned land and another 94 at campsites, schools or trade premises.

They were introduced in the 1970s as a solution to recycling, at a time when residents didn't have kerbside recycling.

Paul Florentine, Craven District Council's Waste Manager, said: "The need for bring sites has diminished since the introduction of alternate weekly collections in February 2010, giving all Craven residents direct access to a doorstep recycling service.

"There is also evidence that bring sites are being used by businesses who should be paying for the collection of recycling materials.

"We are also facing significant charges for recycling commercial cardboard from the beginning of April."

Changes to contracts mean that instead of receiving £20 per tonne for recycling cardboard, the council will have to pay around £35 per tonne.

A consultation will now take place with all council members, parish councils and owners of private land where 'bring sites' are currently located.

This consultation will also be available to residents on the council's website.