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Be A Support To Your Children

Exam time is a tough period for your children.  They are under the most pressure they've ever had to face.  You can help, and we want to help you with top tips and advice on how to make sure you're there for your children.

Don't panic at the thought of being seen as a nuisance, your help, your motivation and your experience will help put your children at ease.  You might be the difference between a stressed-out child and a relaxed, prepared child.

Use the advice below and it will help you to make sure your child is prepared for exams this year.

  • Help you child create a revision timetable (Download ours here).

  • Find a quiet place to devote to you child's study space.

  • Help them get a good supply of stationary together, such a postcard size note pages and coloured pens or highlighters to make studying more interesting.

  • Make sure they are taking regular breaks - you could plan things to do in the longer breaks, such as a walk to the shops or park, visiting family and friends, or doing exercise such as a game of their favourite sport.

  • Offer to listen to them read back their notes, test them, or time them doing a past exam paper, then mark it together.

  • Have plenty of snacks on hand - brown pasta, granary bread, nuts and fish are all good brain boosting foods.

  • Try and create a calm atmosphere around the family home for them.

  • Discourage them from staying up late, especially the night before an exam. 

  • Prepare a good breakfast on exam day.