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September - Don't be a FOOD waster!  

We want to help you with some useful hints and tips that you will find really useful in helping the planet, a little bit at a time.  If you have any useful tips you can email them to us by clicking here.

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September - Don't be a waster!

SEPTEMBER : Don't be a food waster!

Top tips for reducing waste and saving money

Plan your meals



Plan your weekly meals…
It sounds like a chore but it makes saving money so much easier. Plan what you’re going to cook each night and you will see how much you start to save instantly. Pick meals that will include leftovers for lunch the next day.

Save the skins...
Squeezing lemon juice in to your recipe? Don’t throw the skins. Bag them up, freeze them and the zest will be ready to grate whenever you need it. (Grate a little lemon zest on your garlic bread. It’s devine!)

Stale bread…
If your loaf is lacking life, blitz it in a food processor and freeze the crumbs. They’re great on bakes and for coating meat. When you come to use it add a little chopped chilli, coriander and oil et voila!

Savvy meat buying…
Buy meat when the price is reduced. Sort in to portions, bag up and freeze on the day of purchase.

Soft skin…
Stones from fruits – like avocado or peaches – can be washed up and used as a great foot scrubber. Use them to rub sugar or oats in to the skin (with a little bit of lemon or honey to keep nasty fungi at bay) and you’ll have flip-flop ready feet in no time! Once you’ve used them, don’t throw away. Bung them in your composting heap.

Face mask…
Don’t waste your dosh on expensive, chemical-ridden face masks. Just look in your store cupboard! Porridge oats help moisturise while adding honey tackles those pesky spots. If you have a questionable lemon (you know, one that looks a little past its best) chop it in half, spoon on a little sugar and rub in to your face for a natural, antibacterial scrub.

Don’t ditch the cheese…
If you have a block of cheese you know you won’t get through before it turns mouldy or hard, grate it all up and stick it in the freezer to use when you’re ready. Use it on bakes, pasta, toast… anything, go wild!

Freeze the flavour…
Spoon tomato puree in to an ice cube tray and freeze. Move the cubes in to a bag and add to dishes as needed. Chop up fresh herbs, mix with a little butter and spread in to ice cube trays. Freeze and add to your meals as you need them.

Juice dates…
Take a black marker pen and write the date you need to drink the juice by on the pack. Normally they say ‘drink within XX days of opening.’ So when you open it, make sure everyone in the house knows when it needs glugging by.

Bring your loaf to life…
If you have stale bread, baguettes or buns, make a quick garlic butter, spread on and put it in the freezer. Bung in the oven when you need it and it will be as good as new.

Uses for tea bags…
Yes there are more uses to used tea bags than for your kids’ history homework. Whatever you do, don’t throw them away! Keep them in a container. When you come to a spring clean, add to warm water, let them soak a little and use them for cleaning windows, mirrors, taps, floors, tiles… the list goes on! Tea bags are a great aid for removing greasy finger marks and add a little sparkle without the use of harmful chemicals.

Put the tea bags on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Put a couple in the bath to soothe aching muscles and help acne.

There’s really no excuse for throwing them in the bin!