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Ripon BusRipon City Service

Ripon Bus

Get ready for the brand new Ripon city bus service!

Three new bus routes are on the way in the city.  City Service 1, City Service 2A, and City Service 2B.  Using the latest electric bus technology you can travel around the city knowing you're being environmentally friendly, and conveniently getting you around the city.

Where are the new routes going to be, and where can you catch the bus.  Well we're very glad that you asked!

The Routes

City Service 1

This route will start at Ripon bus station at 26 minutes past the hour, every hour.  The route will include Lark Lane, Clotherholme Road and finally College Road.

City Service 2A and City Service 2B
This bus will travel at 07 past the hour and 37 past the hour.  These two routes with mirror each other.  They will go from Ripon bus station every hour to Bondgate, Dallamires, Gallows Hill, Aismunderby Road, Moorside Dale, Lead Lane and Elm Road.  That makes all of Ripon accessible.

This route is all about opening up the city to you!  To find out more you can click here now.



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