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Half Price Acupuncture Treatment only £20 from Skipton Sports Massage

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£40.00 £20.00
Limited Availability
Location: UltraViolet Unit 3, Navigation House, Belmont Bridge, Skipton, BD23 1RL
Contact Number: 07974241797

What do you get?

  • Get acupuncture treatment and save 50% on the usual price
  • Can be used for up to 6 months

More about Skipton Sports Massage

Medical acupuncture is a therapeutic technique that involves inserting fine needles into certain points across the body, to encourage healing and pain relief.

Also referred to as ‘western acupuncture’, the practice differs from the ancient Chinese practice it derives from. While still using needles to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.

Needling specific body parts is thought to stimulate sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles of the body. This results in the body producing natural substances, such as pain-relieving endorphins. It is thought that these naturally released substances are responsible for the beneficial effects experienced with acupuncture.

While some people respond very well to acupuncture and notice improvements in their symptoms, results can never be guaranteed. You may find that there is no significant change in your symptoms following treatment. That being said, the nature of the treatment often helps people to feel better about themselves, even if there is no real improvement in their medical condition. For instance, some patients notice that acupuncture promotes relaxation, and results in a feeling of improved well-being.

Other conditions commonly treated by acupuncture.

•             chronic pain, such as neck pain

•             joint pain

•             dental pain

•             postoperative pain

How do you redeem this voucher?

  • Once you've purchased the voucher, use the contact details included to call and book.
  • Please refer to the voucher and code when you book.

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