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Standing With Sebastian

Can you help to raise £75,000 for Sebastian?

3-year-old Sebastian is from Harrogate and was born at Harrogate District Hospital nine weeks prematurely with a condition called cerebral palsy.

Sebastian has had a very difficult start in life, undergoing many therapies to try and get him to sit, stand and walk.  He reached all these milestones way after other children, but still can't run, jump, kick a ball or ride a bike.  He has to wear heavy splints on his legs and can't play with his friends doing all the tings that boys his age want to do, which leaves him very frustrated.

Sebastian's legs are already displacing his hip joint and there is a high likelihood that this tension will start to bend the bones in his legs - without an operation he will need a wheelchair to get around.

Sebastian needs £75,000 for an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy.

If Sebastian were able to have the operation and ongoing rehabilitation, it would make a world of difference to all our lives.  Based on previous prodcedures, there is a very good chance that Sebastian would be able to run, jump, ride a bike and never need a wheelchair and lead a more normal life.

On Wednesday the 1st of October, we want to hold a 'DRESS DOWN DAY' for every local school to raise awareness of Sebsastian's condition, to raise money, and it's all on World Cerebral Palsy Day.

If this isn't possible, would you be able to donate just £1 to help us reach the goal of £75,000?

Find out more about Sebastian by going to 

Also please take five minutes to watch this heart-warming video from Sebastian and his Dad.

Standing With Sebastian - Can you help?
 Can you help Sebastian

Can you help Sebastian?