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The Police: Message In a BottleiTunesAmazon

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Our Good Egg!

This year Bettys are the proud sponsor of our Local Heroes Good Egg Award. In the words of Bettys here is the ideal nominee for the Good Egg Award: 

Here at Bettys we believe in recognising the hard work of our colleagues and teams. Our annual business awards celebrate excellence, team work and leadership. And of course we reward a Good Egg: a member of staff who goes above and beyond the call of duty to help and support their team, community, charity or business need without looking for recognition.


We are very excited to team up with Stray FM this year and bring our Good Egg award out to our local communities. We are lucky in our line of business to meet Good Eggs every day – in our branches, across the many charity and community organisations we work with, and of course among our own families and friends.  We know there are a lot of local heroes out there and we want to treat one!


imperial egg-PR2

One of Bettys signature delights is this gargantuan chocolate Easter Egg.  Called the Imperial Egg, it weighs over 5kg, stands at over 50cm high and is  creating using high quality Grand Cru Swiss chocolate. Each flower is  individually made and hand painted by our cake decorating experts before  being delicately arranged in place. Due to the level of skill and craftsmanship  involved it can take a whole day to make just one of these beautiful eggs.

They’re almost too good to eat! Well, on your own at any rate. Some customers have a Bettys Imperial Egg instead of a wedding cake for Easter time weddings.

Would you want to create your own personalized Easter Cards?

Click the link -

Download a daintily designed Bettys Easter card to colour in and gift to a good egg in your life.

It’s no secret that Bettys have been working hard to bring you chocolatey delights in the shape of our good eggs this Easter. Their unique and irresistible chocolate creations are a wondrous treat you won’t find anywhere else. Starring Easter favourites, from charming spring flowers to sprightly chicks, their good eggs are a delight for both the eye and the tastebuds.

Making the perfect gift for all the good eggs out there (including yourself), we're sure they’ll be gobbled up before you can say ‘spring chicken’. But if you’d like to take it one step further and add a personalised touch to your Bettys gift, why not give a Bettys Good Egg Easter card with your Easter treat?

Depicting some of our most iconic Easter eggs, you can colour, craft, draw, paint, glue, and stick and more until your heart’s content this Easter. It’s the perfect personalised accompaniment to your Easter Egg, with no crafting experience necessary - honest! 

Once you have created your egg, photo it and hashtag it #ourgoodeggs and see other eggs!