WHOOPS! Your Top 10 Fail Videos of 2017

WHOOPS! Your Top 10 Fail Videos of 2017

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 7:44am 28th December 2017.

These are the Top 10 fail videos that made you laugh, cry and cringe in 2017

2017 brought with it its fair share of fails, so we've compiled your 10 most watched into this one page for a reminder of some of the best (or worst?) on the web. 


Is this the best interview fail ever?!

This BBC interviewee got the shock of his life during his TV appearance:

When his kids crashed his interview, they didn't know they'd become the unwitting stars of 2017, with some people suggesting they ought to have been the TIME magazine people of the year...


Paul Hollywood can't contain his giggles on The Great British Bake Off

Judge Paul was left speechless thanks to Julia Chernogorova's phallic bread

Paul Hollywood, get your mind out of the gutter! Personally, we're not sure what he saw that we couldn't... any suggestions?


Poor Holly couldn't withhold her giggles when this pony made an ass of itself live on TV. Phil's right, this clip is all over the internet and you watched it enough times to make it number 8 on the list!


Tech fails are our worst nightmare here at Stray, so we feel for Susanna in this clip as she apologies for a slight glitch on ITV.


Who knew the word badger could be so funny?! Phil and Holly get a fit of giggles on This Morning

The presenting duo struggle to hold it together when talking to Janet Street Porter:

Your favourite presenting pair appear on this list again - and not for the last time! Can it still be called a fail when it's become part of the duo's charm to fall about laughing on air?


In at number 5 is another clip of Philip and Holly cracking up live on air, but this time it's hard to blame them. If you can watch this clip and not laugh along, you must be more mature than us!


WATCH: Gemma Collins takes an EPIC tumble on stage

The Only Way is Essex star has gone viral after the accident - which left her bruised all over

Gemma Collins seems to have been everywhere this year, but nowhere more hilarious than down a trap door live on stage. She's OK, which means it's OK to laugh... right?


The full running time for Blade Runner 2049 is 2 and three quarter hours, which is about as long as we were laughing at this interview for. Alison Hammond quickly reduces Ryan Gosling to tears (of laughter) and made possibly the most memorable interview of the whole press tour. 


FAIL! Amanda Holden is mocked for her faux pas on This Morning

She asked astronaut Tim Peake if he stole a piece of the moon

No Amanda, he didn't get a piece of the moon while visiting the space station. We'll give you a gold star for effort though. 


Alison Hammond scares Prince Harry on live TV

Reporting live for This Morning, Alison makes Prince Harry feel awkward during a public appearance with Meghan Markle.

In signature Alison Hammond style, she went to interview Prince Harry with all the required enthusiasm, prompting the question - how would Alison's unbridled interview style match up to the Prince's security team!?

So there we have it, the 10 FAIL videos you viewed most this year. We can't help but wonder what ITV is putting in their presenters coffee...

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