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Cookie Policy

We use cookies on this website. This is nothing unusual - most websites use cookies.

A cookie is a small file containing only text which is stored on your computer or mobile phone when you visit a website.

What do we use cookies for?

  • Google Analytics
    We use Google Analytics to provide reports on the number of users visiting this website. Google sets a small number of cookies to help them provide us with accurate data.
    This 'session' cookie allows us to maintain information between pages during your visit for seamless browsing. The cookie is discarded when you leave this website and no information is retained.
  • browserUpdateNudgeDismiss
    For IE6 uses - indicates that we've already shown you the warning about features on this site that don't work with IE6 and don't need to show it again.
  • cookieWarningSeen
    Let's us know we've already shown you the cookie warning bar so we do not show it to you again on every page you visit.
  • pce*, rcpcr*
    Enables you to vote in photo competitions on this website.
  • poll_*
    Enables you to vote in polls on this website.
  • sch_f
    Remembers your search settings on our school closures page.
  • shopBasket*
    Enables you to add products and vouchers to your shopping basket.
  • uaut, ulog, uexp, umac, uinf
    Cookies to let us know when you are logged into this website for features that require a user registration such as competitions or games.
  • uloc
    Stores your location, to enable us to display locally-relevant information. This cookie will only be set if you choose to specify your location on relevant pages.

Cookies set by third parties/embedded content

We sometimes embed content from other websites in our pages, such as YouTube and Facebook. We have no control over cookies set by these websites, but we do endeavour to only use embedded content from reputable sources.

You may encounter cookies set by the following organisations while using this website:

Preventing the use of cookies

All major web browsers allow you to control and restrict the use of cookies. The links below contain instructions for managing cookies in the most commonly used browsers.

Please note: Disabling cookies will affect the performance of most websites. Some features of this website will no longer work if you prevent cookies from being stored on your computer or phone.