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The Wednesday Weigh Off!

Follow Alex every Wednesday as he teams up with Sure Slim to shed a few of those extra pounds he is carrying! No more all-you-can-eat buffets, lardy late-night snacks, or Question Time beers!

Alex's Sure Slim plan has been devised by experts, based on the results of a blood test he had recently at Harrogate Hospital. It's all designed to speed up his metabolism and, along with gentle exercise, should soon see him shift the two stone he's "acquired" over the last 18 months.

He'll be eating three meals a day, spaced apart, and avoiding some of his vices for a while!

His main goals are to fit into all his clothes again, especially his favourite pair of trousers. Keep checking back for weekly updates on his progress!


 SureSlim is a healthy balanced eating plan that allows you to reach your target weight easily, healthily and safely; but our goal for you does not stop there - after reaching your goal weight you will enter the Lifestyle stage of your programme.
Our Consultants can help you identify trigger foods and adapt a healthier approach to eating.  So, not only can you lose your weight, but after the SureSlim Programme you will be in control of your weight.
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The SureSlim Eating Plan

A medically backed eating plan that corrects glucose metabolism by stimulating or suppressing the hormones that control body weight

SureSlim Blood Test
All clients have a blood test, which looks at you as an individual. This blood test is not a food intolerance test.  This is a fasting blood test and tests your Full Blood Count, Lipids Glucose, Liver Functions, Kidney Functions and Thyroid

Why do the test?
This helps establish certain values that are essential when compiling your individual programme.  For example if you were found to have elevated Uric Acid - a purine free diet is formulated to help lower this level.  When the total cholesterol level is elevated the diet aims to reduce fats, particularly those from a non-vegetarian source and those high in saturated fats.  We also consider the Full Blood Count as some clients may have an iron deficiency. Similarly the other tests contribute to the overall picture.  In some instances the results will need to be brought to the attention of your GP as they may require additional investigation or treatment.  Examples are anemia, thyroid problems or diabetes.  We send a copy of your blood test results to your GP to ensure your notes are up-to-date

Your Quick loss programme
Once the blood test has been medically screened we formulate your individual Quick Loss Programme.  Other factors such as your medical history, medication and food dislikes are taken into consideration.  The SureSlim eating plan draws upon a number of different ideas about weight loss and nutrition.  Low glycaemic index foods, low saturated fats foods, fruits, vegetables and seeds are all incorporated to compile a healthy nutritionally balanced eating plan.  The plan does not count calories rather it looks at the nutritional content of the food



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Further information on the Sure Slim plan can be found by visiting their website here Sure Slim UK Website
You can also contact:-
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Email: Harrogate@sureslimuk.com

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