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Guardian Angel Fitness are passionate about health. Truly healthy people look great, they feel great and they think great.
The road to achieving better health and vitality is easier than you think. If you want to enhance how you feel about yourself and your life then maybe we can help to guide and support you. We use the CHEK philoposphy combined with natural medicine, nutrition, and offer sports therapy and massage to iron out the physical imbalances and injuries.

Guardian Angel Fitness provide bespoke sports and remedial therapy treatments in Harrogate. Our ethos is all about you as a unique person and treating holistically.
They provide individualised assessment and treatments which realign the body, improve function and address particular injuries.
Their massages are totally different from the massages commonly available because of their specialist knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics they search and really get into the blocks, tightness and problem areas and sort them out.

They use techniques widely used in Sports and Remedial Massage, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy such as Trigger Points, Muscle Energy Techniques, gentle joint Mobilisations and Stretching and can advise you on specific Exercises to enhance the improvements in your body.

They love helping people resolve such things as tight, achey shoulders, including impingement problems.  We spend our days releasing long standing neck tension, lower back aches, stiff hips, ankles and feet to name just a few.

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