James Arthur Ft. Anne-Marie: Rewrite The StarsiTunesAmazon

James Arthur Ft. Anne-Marie: Rewrite The StarsiTunesAmazon

Win Big Money with the return of the game you just love to hate!  The Stray FM Secret Sound.

  • Win Big Money - the prize fund starts at £1000

  • Up to four chances to play every day

  • Text the studio and you could be chosen at random to play

  • Guess the sound correctly and you win the prize pot

  • It's bound to have you screaming at the radio

It's back.

Radio's most annoying game, Stray FM's Secret Sound, is back for 2019 and there are more chances to play than ever before.

It's simple - we've recorded something making a sound, all you have to do is tell us exactly what it is.

The NEW Stray FM Secret Sound

Here is the sound!  Listen to it as many times as you like and then play weekdays on Stray FM.

Secret Sound: 05/03/2019


Incorrect Guesses

Gate latch opening and closing
Sonia - Nidd

An air fryer
Moira - Gargrave

Breaking the seal on an instant coffee jar
Sean - Harrogate

Putting cash in the barrier to use a public loo (that you have to pay for #obvs)
Natalie - Harrogate

Putting a key into a locker, turning the lock and a token falling out
Lisa - Starbeck

Filling a dishwasher
Betty - Ripon

Opening a tin of baked beans or tuna
Paul - Birstwith

Putting bottles in the recycling
Pam - A1

Child seat being buckled
Linda - Otley

Changing gear on a bicycle
Jill - Allerton

Opening a pack of contact lenses
Jon - Ripon

Taking the security chain off your front door
Mark - Crosshills

Opening a tube of toothpaste
Lee - Dishforth

Undoing a seat belt
Yasmin - Starbeck

Garden gate opening and closing
Amanda - Harrogate

A washing machine
Anita - Pudsey

Somebody paying for a parking ticket in a parking machine
Gemma - Boroughbridge

Taking the lid off a tub of margarine
Phil - Guiseley

Key going into a Yale lock
Anita - Harrogate

Putting a coin into a charity box
Fiona - Skipton

Coffee pod being replaced
Lucie - Pateley Bridge

Kettle boiling then switching off
Christine - Ripon

Coat hangers taken out of wardrobe
Helen - Knaresborough

Lighting the gas ring on a cooker
David - Harrogate

Putting a token into a petrol station hoover
Kathryn - Ilkley

Putting paper in a hole punch
Florence - Ilkley

Unlock a chain on the door
Lisa - Harrogate

Coffee pod in a coffee machine and then released
Katie - Skipton

An electric tin opener
Jill - Harrogate

Starting a motorbike
Kathy - Skipton

Boiler firing up when tap is turned on
Pamela - Skipton

Vending machine releasing dental or oral hygiene item
Ian - Hampsthwaite

Someone filling up with petrol
Pauline - Harrogate

Sitting down or getting up off an office chair
Alexa - Menston

Replacing the nozzle of petrol / diesel pump at fuel station
Richard - Harrogate

Someone putting the key in the car ignition and turning it
Nicki - Silsden

Flossing your teeth
Karen - Knaresborough

Electric Sanilav Toilet
Nobby - Silsden

Changing gears on a bicycle
Becky - Otley

Kettle being switched off
Ruth - Masham

Train ticket dispensed from machine
Christian - Skipton

Putting money into a vending machine
Gill - Bishop Thornton

Milk bottle
Lynda - Boroughbridge

Putting paper in a printer paper tray and shutting it
Cameron - Knaresborough

A car seat belt being fastened
Robert - Ilkley

Throwing a can or a tin into the recycling box
Anna - Dacre Banks

Opening and closing a garden gate
Richard - Starbeck

Commercial tumble drier, putting coins in the slot
Sue - Dacre

Someone opening a letter with a letter opener and placing it down
Christine - Ilkley

Pulling up an aluminium Venetian blind and dropping it down again
Liz - Harrogate

A coin coming out of a change machine
Nicky - Knaresborough

Cracking an egg and peeling it back
Linda - Otley

Opening a CD case and taking one out
Mick - Ilkley

Someone popping a token into a sunbed whilst the fan is still running
Sharon - Leeming Bar

Putting a drink in a cup holder in the car
Liz - Summerbridge

A vending machine dispensing
Mick - Ripon

Air hockey, a puck going into the goal
Andy - Weston Super Mare

A waste disposal unit
Melanie - Skipton

Car engine running and seatbelt clicking in
Gail - Harrogate

Someone putting a seatbelt on in a car
Louise - Calling from the supermarket

Electric shower button
Jayne - Ilkley

Tumble dryer
Sue - Northallerton

Putting key into the ignition to start car
Lisa - Harrogate

Debit/credit card going in or out of a cash machine
Steve - Thorp Arch

Putting your bank card into an ATM machine and it swallowing the card
Dotty - Grewelthorpe

A car indicator
Kirsty - Harrogate

Put the nozzle back on the station after filling up the tank
Tom - Harrogate

A tray/shelf in an oven being pulled out and put back in
Beth - Harrogate

Someone getting a Costa coffee from a petrol station machine
Nancy - Coniston Cold

A hand dryer
Jim - Skipton

Car seat belt being pulled over then fastened
Charlotte - Skipton

Pulling a cup out of a coffee machine
Bart - Harrogate

A wheelie bin
Stephanie - Wetherby

An instant machine teeth cleaner
Helen - Harrogate

Unscrewing the cap off a milk/juice carton and tearing the foil off
Bart - Harrogate

Putting a token into a sunbed
Kirsty - Cononley

Someone paying for a parking ticket on a machine
Stephen - Fewston

Taking pills out of a foil case and into a pill box
Christine - Ilkley

Putting money into a charity box
Leanne - Bradford

An electric tin opener, opening a tin of branded beans
Lee - Skipton

Putting money in an old phone box
Frances - Spofforth

Putting a card into an ATM machine
Chloe - Skipton

Putting money into a wooden money box
Jo - Bilton

Food going around in a microwave
Michelle - Skipton

Taking a bicycle chain off
Maria - Knaresborough

A tyre pressure machine at a garage
Elaine - Starbeck

Car boot opening then closing
Liz - Harrogate

An electric can opener opening a can and taking the lid off
Steve - Wetherby

Coin rejected from public phonebox
Andy - Weston Supermare

Gym locker and coin
Andrew - Woodlands, Harrogate

A running shower
Claire - Harrogate

An ice-making machine
Vicky - Harrogate

Taking clothes off of a coat hanger
Stephanie - Wetherby

Winding in the flex cord on a hoover
Pam - Pateley Bridge

Plugging a mobile phone in to charge
Lucy - Harrogate

At the train station, putting your card ticket into the entrance gate and it processing the ticket and the gate opening
Jack - Harrogate

A food blender
Sheila - Knaresborough

Coin being rejected from self check-out
John - Woodlands

Paying for an automatic carwash
Sandra - Easingwold

A vacuum, when you push the button and the wire reels in
Holly - Leeds

Putting a dishwasher tablet in and shutting the little trap door
Trevor - Pateley

Opening a letter
Cally - Knaresborough

Opening up an app or program on an electronic device
Kathryn - Beckwithshaw

A drinks can being opened
Ian - Boroughbridge

A seatbelt being clicked in
Irene - Cold Bath Road

Checking oil on the car
Steve - Harrogate

Opening up a tea or coffee canister with a kilner jar style lid
Liz - Pateley Bridge

Putting money in a parking meter and getting the ticket out
Astrid - Dalton

An extractor fan
Richard - Sutton in Craven

A photocopier
Steph - Harrogate

Cash machine
Amy - Skipton

Money going into a laundrette dryer
Liz - Earby

Jam jar being opened
Sally - Boroughbridge

Unfastening a seat belt
Heleana - Dacre Banks

Someone pushing the button at a car park barrier and hearing the token dispense
Sandra - Easingwold

Boiling a kettle and it clicking off
Tom - Helperby

A stapler
Eddie - Skipton

Turning the gas hob off on a cooker
Jill - Knaresborough

Someone putting a coin into a shopping trolley to release it
Emma - Glusburn

A cash machine counting the cash before it spits your card out
Trish - Ripon Road

Washing machine with ad-wash facility
Liz - Jennyfields

Locking a front door
Kerry - Silsden

Chewing gum being taken out of a plastic tub
Stephanie - Knaresborough

A photocopier
Alex - Bilton

Paper being shuffled
Paul - Harrogate

Opening a can of fizzy pop with the ringpull
Lauren - Harrogate

Someone putting money into a soap dispenser in a laundrette
Suzanne - Eastburn

A coin in an arcade coin pushing game
Debbie - Harrogate

Air/tyre compressor at a petrol station
Lynn - Bilton

Coins being rejected from a parking machine
John - Ripon

A washer-dryer, when the spin is ending & an item of clothing has a zip that is banging on the glass
Isabel - Knaresborough

Someone drying their hands on an electric hand dryer
Elaine - Pannal

Cassette going into a player
Meghan - Skipton

Hoover sucking up grit
Nadine - High Birstwith

Ticket falling into compartment of ticket machine at train station
Shelley - Silsden

Locking your door with a chain
Rebecca - Skipton

Someone putting money into a ticket machine
Darren - Harrogate

Office Printer
Nickki - Bilton

Filling car up with fuel and putting the nozzle back
Danny - Earby

Someone feeding a parking meter
Sue - Pateley Bridge

Self service - coin entry
Alex - Harrogate

An egg being cracked into a pan of boiling water
Heather - Harrogate

Clothes in a tumble dryer
Holly - Harrogate

Putting more money in a tumble dryer
Jane - Harrogate

A can being crushed
Josh - Skipton

Paying with coins on a bus and the coins being put into coin slots
Grace - Beckwithshaw

Someone putting the handbrake on or taking the handbrake off in a car
Charlotte - Ilkley

Hand dryer in a public toilet
Janet - Ripon

Click the indicator to start windscreen wipers
Sonia - Harrogate

Take the lid off a plastic milk bottle
Sally - Skipton

Someone leaving the house and turning the key to lock the door
Yvonne - Pateley Bridge

Putting a nozzle in and filling a car up with petrol
Michelle - Embsay

Change dropping from a vending machine
Carole - Skipton

A dishwasher dispensing it's tablet
Pam - Skipton

Car seat being clicked in
Pete - Harrogate

Petrol nozzle being returned to the pump
Kath - Burley in Wharfedale

Putting coins into a hot drinks machine
Vicky - Starbeck

A foot spa
Sheila - Knaresborough

Putting your £1 in supermarket trolley and the key popping out the back
Alex - Ripon

Tin opener
Rebecca - Ilkley

Electric coin meter - inserting money and twisting it
Mike - Knaresborough

Putting bread into a toaster and pushing the lever down
Amy - Ripon

A letter that a Postman/woman hasn't quite got all the way through the letterbox
Joanne - Burley

Inserting a coin in the ticket machine
Ralph - Ripley

Using a dipstick to check oil levels in car engine
Amy - Harrogate

An electric toothbrush
Hazel - Harrogate

A kettle boiling and then switching off once the temperature has been reached
Helen - Ripon

Putting a coffee pod in a machine
Faye - Harrogate

Putting a coffee pod into a coffee machine
Stephanie - Knaresborough

A yoghurt pot being opened
Amanda - Harrogate

Putting money into a car parking machine
Jackie - Melmerby

Extractor fan in background, and then cracking an egg into a frying pan.
Eddie - Boroughbridge

A cash point machine
Sue - Pateley Bridge

Money being rejected from a parking meter
Karen - Richmond

Ring pull being pulled on a can of pet food
Billy - Skipton

Coffee Pod being opened and put in
Richard - Otley

Foil lid being peeled off a carton
Christine - Ilkley

Something metal rattling around in the washing machine
Rona - Bilton

A self service cash machine
Jean - Skipton

Vacuum cleaner picking bits up
Pam - Skipton

A petrol lawnmower running over twigs and brances
Paul - Bishop Monkton

Getting a pill out of blister pack
Catherine - Barnoldswick

ATM dispensing cash
Matt - Aldborough

A tumble dryer
Amanda - Harrogate

Stephanie - Knaresborough

Opening a letter
Charlotte - Pool

Putting a CD in a CD player
Richard - Wetherby

Putting a token in the machine at a car park barrier
Rosie - Skipton

Putting a train ticket in a barrier
Daniel - Harrogate

Stapling pieces of paper together
James - Harrogate

Coin put into a tumbler dryer at a laundrette
Steve - Knaresborough

A toothpaste dispenser being dispensed
Lynne - Barnoldswick

Putting money in a parking meter and then taking the ticket
John - Ripon

Lin - Boroughbridge

Walking up to a gate, opening it, then closing it. Gate latch mechanism
Jacqueline - Harrogate

A coin dropping into a slot
Tiffany - Summerbridge

Curtains being drawn
Moira - Ilkley

Automatic train ticket machine
Miranda - Harrogate

Someone putting their seatbelt on and clipping it into the little holder
Michael - Burley in Wharfedale

Opening a fizzy drink can
Milly - Addingham

Cooking on an outdoor cooker
Simon - Harrogate

Putting key in a key hole, twisting the key and pushing the door handle open
Olivia - Harrogate

Cash coming out of a cash machine
Lydia - Killinghall

Opening a jar of coffee
Danielle - Follifoot

Opening a can of animal food
Kate - Knaresborough

Taking coins out of your pocket and into a car parking machine
Lyndsey - Barnoldswick

A paper shredding machine
Paul - Harrogate

A tumble dryer with a loose button from a shirt in it
James - Ripon

The Stray FM team are ready to play the Secret Sound


  • Play Monday to Friday at 7:15am, 11:15am, 1:15pm & 5:15pm and Weekends at 11:15am & 1:15pm.
  • Simply wait for the presenter to tell you the lines are open and text "ENTER" followed by your name to 81222.  Texts are charged at your standard message rate. Only text once per round, as multiple entries from the same number won't count.
  • Make sure you text before the lines close because if you text after that time you won't be able to play and may still be charged.
  • One person will be picked at random to play - get the sound right and you win the prize pot!

 Proudly Sponsored By

Harrogate Storage SolutionsHarrogate Auto Centre 

The Secret Sound is proudly supported by two great local businesses, Harrogate Auto Centre and Harrogate Storage Solutions.

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Harrogate Auto Centre

Stray fm secret sound terms & conditions


  • The following rules (“Specific Rules”) together with the general competition terms and conditions which can be found here apply to the 'Secret Sound' competition (the “Competition") which will run from 07.01.19 until further notice on Stray FM  (the “Radio Station”) and StrayFM.com (the "Website")
  • Anyone who enters the Competition (an “Entrant”) will be deemed to have read and accepted the Specific Rules and the Competition Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them.  

Eligibility and Details of the Competition:

  • From 8th January 2018 listeners must text the studio to register their details for the next Contesting Round.
  • The on air presenter will open the text lines at approximately 7.15am, 11.15am, 1.15pm and 5.15pm Monday to Friday and 11.15am and 1.15pm on a Saturday and Sunday.
  • The presenter will clearly signal how long entrants have to text the studio number and the message they should send.
  • Entries received during the text entry times will all be entered to be chosen at random to play the current contesting round.
  • When the entry period closes, a clear message will be delivered on air. Any texts received after this message is delivered will not be eligible and will be disregarded.
  • The Qualifier will be randomly drawn from those people who successfully registered their details.
  • One entry per player per contest round. Duplicates will be deleted.
  • You must be available to appear on-air by phone once the draw has taken place. If the first drawn participant is not immediately available the random draw will be rerun until a Participant is available.

The Prize

  • The Secret Sound prize fund begins at £1000.
  • Ordinarily, the Secret Sound prize fund will increase by £10 per day that the answer is not correctly guessed. For example, if the sound is not correctly guessed during Day 1 of the competition, the prize fund on Day 2 would be £1010.
  • The prize will be supplied in accordance with Stray FM's Terms & Conditions.
  • Stray FM reserves the right to alter the prize at its absolute discretion, for whatever reason it sees fit. This may include for contesting reasons as outlined below.
  • Stray FM and its partners may offer additional prizes for entrants during the promotion. This could include adding prizes to the "jackpot" prize fund, offering one-off prizes to successful callers or any other situation Stray FM determines.
  • The prize(s) available and criteria for winning will be clearly announced on air when the contesting round opens for entry and before the player makes their guess.
  • The first entrant to correctly identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Stray FM, will win the prize money.
  • If an entrant fails to identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Stray FM, we may take further callers (at our absolute discretion).
  • The prize on offer in the next contesting sequence will be announced at the conclusion of the previous contest.
  • Stray FM may, on occasion, increase/decrease the number of plays of the competition. In this instance the text lines will be opened/not opened as necessary and this will be clearly communicated on air.
  • We reserve the right to solicit for entries via social media or other platforms and invite people to register for the promotion.
  • At any time during the contest period Stray FM may offer any additional challenges including, but not limited to, the opportunity to donate any portion of their winnings to charity or to gain additional clues by undertaking challenges or by forfeiting a portion of the prize.
  • Stray FM may at our discretion provide additional clues via but not limited to on air, social media and digital mediums.
  • We may take as many calls/entries as we see fit in each contesting sequence. A minimum of one call/guess will be taken for each contesting round.
  • Stray FM may publish the wrong guesses on any platform during the promotion.
  • In addition to the above entry methods, Stray FM may offer alternative entry routes into the draw.
  • Should the sequence not be able to run live, Stray FM reserves the right to prerecord a sequence with random callers who entered a previous sequence of this promotion which will run on the prerecorded show day.
  • Any caller chosen to participate in such a prerecorded segment will be made aware at the time of calling.
  • We may change the Secret Sound or the prize fund on offer at any point during the promotion at our absolute discretion.
  • Entrants must be ordinarily resident within the Stray FM broadcast area, as defined here, in order to be eligible to win the prize. The winner will be obliged to supply documentary evidence of their residency to the satisfaction of Stray FM.

Use of Personal Data:

  • When texting to enter the entrant agrees to supply their telephone number to Stray FM for the purpose of administrating the competition.
  • This data will be processed in order to pick a random contestant and call them back to play.
  • Telephone numbers will be stored for a maximum of 7 days in Stray FM's secure text messaging system.
  • Should there be any reason to retain further personal data - for example in order to deliver a "spot prize" this will be subject to Stray FM's Privacy Policy.

Stray FM and UKRD, reserve the right to substitute the prize with another prize at its absolute discretion.

Stray FM, and UKRD reserve the right to change any element of the competition at any time without prior notice and the decision is final. Any changes will be highlighted on this page


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