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Secret Sound: 18/05/2020


Incorrect Guesses

Letters falling through letter box
Jess - Ripon

Hands on a clock as it changes hour
Nicole - Ripley

Turning Scrabble letters over for a new game
Julie - Crimple

Opening a letter with a letter opener
Margaret - Starbeck

Frustration game
Craig - Skipton

Posh watch with letters and numbers
Wendy - Langbar

30" timer from Ding Bats
Lilly - Ripon

Clock where the numbers flip over
Fiona - Humburton

Library date stamp
Kathryn - Skipton

Flying hats game
Bev - Embsay

Connect 4
Kim - York

Playing Solitaire on the computer
Debbie - Glusburn

Dropping a bag of Scrabble letters
John - Otley

Clapping for the NHS
Barry - Harrogate

Playing the Harrogate edition of Monopoly
Lynzee - Barnoldswick

Hungry Hippos
Amanda - Skipton

A golf club being dropped into a bag of clubs
Graham - Oakworth

A ball point pen being clicked for Sudoku
Anthony - Burton Leonard

Scrabble Tiles
Victoria - Melmerby

Playing Scrabble
Sonia - Boston Spa

Andrew - Knaresborough

A lever arch file
Laura - Barnoldswick

Using a staple gun to staple letters and numbers to a wall
Kimberley - Silsden

Someone playing snooker
Phil - Harrogate

Paper towel dispenser with a lever
Kim - York

A card shuffling machine
Jason - York

Someone opening a briefcase
Michelle - Skipton

Dropping a box into a bin
Charlene - Addingham

Chess clock
Steve - Harrogate

A parking machine dispensing a ticket for a car
Rosey - Harrogate

The Game "Think Words"
Karen - Cowling

The game "Boggle"
Hayley - Knaresborough

An old fashioned labeling device; punching letters and numbers
Sue - Knaresborough

Virtual Scrabble
Kathryn - Beckwithshaw

Wearing a watch; the hand of the watch turns to midnight and the date clicks on to the next day
Joanne - Whixley

A soap dispenser
Ann - Pateley Bridge

A typewriter key being struck
David - Cross Hills

A soap dispenser
Ann - Pateley Bridge

A franking machine
Michelle - Ripon

A key being hit on a typewriter
Liv - Ilkley

The final couple of ticks of the countdown clock off TV
Chloe - Sutton-in-Craven

A clocking-in machine
Paula - Barnoldswick

A clocking-in machine
Karon - Keighley

A labeling machine
Claire - Otley

Manual labeling machine
Steve - Skipton

Turning your phone on and off
Ellie - Harrogate

Air hockey puck being slammed!
Cindy - Sutton-in-Craven

Someone flicking through magazines
Steph - Harrogate

A clocking-in-machine
Maureen - Yeadon

A Pogo stick
Sarah - Harrogate

Hungry Hippo
Mick - Wetherby

Pie Face game
Paul - Skipton

Playing table tennis
Nicola - Otley

A high density ball being bounced from a table/desk onto a wall and then you catch it
Sue - Harrogate

A nail gun
Mark - Ilkley

Self-closing footpath gate
Graham - Crosshills

One of those machines that fires tennis balls at you to practice
Carol - Ripley

A spring on a trampoline
Seth - Burley-in-Wharfedale

The game "Yahtzee"
Sharon - Harrogate

A stamp in a library; stamping a book
Ashleigh - Knaresborough

Dropping magazines on to a coffee table
Kathryn - Skipton

Pop and Hop game dice popper
Oliver - Thirsk

Dice popper on 'Frustration!' board game
Bev - Ripon

Sue - Ilkley

Stapler for stair carpet underlay
Maureen - Ilkley

Ring pull on a can of lager
Victoria - Melmerby

A weaving shuttle
Olivia - Harrogate

Chopping herbs on a board
Catherine - Thirsk

A toaster
Penny - Barnoldswick

A clay pigeon trap firing
Carol - Ripley

A clocking-in machine
Cat - Knaresborough

Nerf Gun firing
Richard - Harrogate

A stamp on your hand at an event such as the Yorkshire Show as you exit
David - Harrogate

Gears changing on a bike
Petrina - Ilkley

The game "Bop It."
Liam - Harrogate

A watch with a chain; putting it down on the table
Gemma - Pateley Bridge

Starting up an electric lawnmower
Jill - Knaresborough

An iron press - put in on, put it down and then release again
Nigel - Oxfordshire

A kind of printer you press yourself
Gracious - Harrogate

Soap dispenser
Nichola - Silsden

The game "Frustration!"
Sally - Harrogate

Clocking in on a time clock
Jeff - Harrogate

Electrified fly swat
Amanda - Harrogate

Starting pistol at athletics meeting
Sue - Skipton

A clocking in machine
Jimmy - Leeds

The game "pie face" / "splatter"
Corrina - Pannal

Seaside fortune teller machine
Laura - Sherburn in Elmet

Cards being dealt out
Sarah - Skipton

The game "Frustration"
Laura - Barnoldswick

Firing an air rifle
Ian - Bingley

A smart watch/device; starting it in order to count steps
Kathryn - Beckwithshaw

A clocking in machine
Michael - Skipton

A clocking in machine
Jade - Leeds

A starting pistol being fired
Maureen - Guiseley

Someone dropping their phone
Karen - Ripon

A nail gun
Alissa - Kirk Hammerton

Bouncing a ball against a wall and catching it
Sue - Addingham

Firing a child's gun... like a Nerf gun
Darren - Harrogate

A ping-pong clicker
Christine - Otley

A wrap around watch
Pam - Ripon

Pulling the bow back in archery before firing
Liz - Killinghall

The game 'Frustration!'
Jayne - Boroughbridge

Hand bashing an alarm clock to stop it!
Liz - Masham

A tape measure retracting
Oliver - Otley

A nail gun
Linda - Ripon

A ruler being 'twanged' on a desk
Christine - Ilkley

Pinball machine
Gemma - Starbeck

The hand on a clock ticking
Fiona - Harrogate

A stop watch
Jonathan - Harrogate

Staple gun
Louise - Thirsk

Clocking in machine
Teresa - Silsden

A tennis racket hitting the ball
Janet - Barnoldswick

The game "Frustration" - popping the middle bit to roll the dice
Roxanne - Barnoldswick

A pop-o-matic like on the board game "Trouble" pressing the button and popping the dice up
Sue - Harrogate

Lockdown in an American "slammer" (prison) throwing a baseball against the wall and catching it in the pad
Garry - Silsden

Clocking in machine
Lynn - Harlow Hill

Karen - Bilton

Toaster popping up when it's finished
Lucy - Harrogate