Secret Sound: 18/05/2020


Incorrect Guesses

Pulling the bow back in archery before firing
Liz - Killinghall

The game 'Frustration!'
Jayne - Boroughbridge

Hand bashing an alarm clock to stop it!
Liz - Masham

A tape measure retracting
Oliver - Otley

A nail gun
Linda - Ripon

A ruler being 'twanged' on a desk
Christine - Ilkley

Pinball machine
Gemma - Starbeck

The hand on a clock ticking
Fiona - Harrogate

A stop watch
Jonathan - Harrogate

Staple gun
Louise - Thirsk

Clocking in machine
Teresa - Silsden

A tennis racket hitting the ball
Janet - Barnoldswick

The game "Frustration" - popping the middle bit to roll the dice
Roxanne - Barnoldswick

A pop-o-matic like on the board game "Trouble" pressing the button and popping the dice up
Sue - Harrogate

Lockdown in an American "slammer" (prison) throwing a baseball against the wall and catching it in the pad
Garry - Silsden

Clocking in machine
Lynn - Harlow Hill

Karen - Bilton

Toaster popping up when it's finished
Lucy - Harrogate