Secret Sound: 05/03/2019


Incorrect Guesses

Coin into a vending machine for hot drink
Maureen - Yeadon

Petrol pump being taken off machine
Chris - Hampsthwaite

Filling the kettle and putting it on the base
Andrew - Harrogate

Parking a bike and doing the combination lock
Yvonne - Pateley Bridge

Lesley getting in the shower
Lesley - Shaw Mills

A washing machine going round
Carole - Wetherby

Crushing a can and recycling it
Martin - Summerbridge

Putting key in front door lock and lifting the handle
Trish - Harrogate

Someone putting the kettle on and stirring the cup
Joyce - Ripon

Kettle boiling then switching off
Christine - Ripon

A food blender
Sheila - Knaresborough

A Xerox copy machine
Rob - Harrogate

Filling a kettle and putting the lid on
Julie - Ripon

Dog lead
Lucy - Cold Bath Road

Gun being loaded for clay pigeon shooting
Jez - Gargrave

Coin being ejected from self-serve till
Karen - Gargrave

In car charger being plugged in
Linda - Armcliffe

Someone flicking the top of a water bottle, or unscrewing it to refill and then putting the top back on
Kathryn - Beckwithshaw

Somebody standing, waiting to get on a train
Elaine - Pannal

An ironing board
Sharon - Harrogate

Taking the plastic seal off a milk bottle
Heather - Silsden

Sitting in your car, putting the blowers on and turning the dial to the desired setting
Linda - Glusburn

Peeling a top off a pot noodle
Angela - Skelton on Ure

Food being checked in a microwave
Margaret - Sutton in Craven

Putting your bank card into an ATM machine and it swallowing the card
Dotty - Grewelthorpe

Locking a front door
Kerry - Silsden

Sharon - Harrogate

In a photo booth, choosing the passport shots you like and the money dropping in and then down into the main hopper
Heather - Burley-in-Wharfedale

Putting money in a fruit machine
Sharon - Bilton

Car key going into the ignition
Terry - Newby

Opening the soap dispenser on a washing machine, filling it, shutting it, selecting a cycle and then the machine starting up
Judith - Bilton

Scrambling eggs
Roger - Bishopthorpe

Somebody opening mail
Michelle - Harrogate

Roger - York

Wiping a sink and putting the plug around the tap
Amanda - Knaresborough

Putting some money into a hairdryer at a swimming baths or gym
Heather - Eastburn

Deleting messages from a landline answering machine
Liz - Bilton

Putting pin number in cash machine
Carol - Burley in Wharfedale

Someone having a shower
Elaine - Pannal

Pulling the plug out of a plughole
Sandra - Skipton

Taking the cap off the top of a bottle of wine or spirits
Martin - Summerbridge

Car seat belt being pulled over then fastened
Charlotte - Skipton

A can opening
Sean - Leeds

Air hockey, a puck going into the goal
Andy - Weston Super Mare

An egg being cracked into a pan of boiling water
Heather - Harrogate

Clicking a sweetener into a coffee
Margaret - Threshfield

Walking into a walk-in shower and sliding the door shut
Pam - Skipton

Plugging headphones in; picking up the jack and plugging it into the headphone port
Perry - Pateley Bridge

Standing in the shower and opening the shampoo bottle
Shirley - Tadcaster

Taking kindling out of a bag and putting it on a fire
Adrian - Ilkley

Stirring porridge in a pan on the hob
Clinton - Harrogate

A laminator
Charlotte - Skipton

Someone filling up at a petrol pump and paying at the pump
Carol - Ripon

Coins going round in a tumble dryer
Rose - Roecliffe

Putting item of clothing onto a clothing line in a wardrobe
Nick - Scotton

Someone opening a letter with a letter opener and placing it down
Christine - Ilkley

A lockable drawer
Damian - Harrogate

Curtains being drawn
Moira - Ilkley

A door closing on a hot drinks vending machine
Ashleigh - Swinton Park

Egg being cracked going into water
Tricia - Boroughbridge

Somebody using a tin opener, not quite opening the tin and using a knife to lift the last little bit of the lid
Linda - Hellifield

A cash machine counting the cash before it spits your card out
Trish - Ripon Road

A car indicator
Kirsty - Harrogate

Flicking the car key on the fob and unlocking central locking
Annette - Knaresborough

Roulette wheel
Jamie - Harrogate

Opening a door on a microwave, before the "ping," to check your food
Bev - Skipton

Someone opening a tin of pet food
John - Harrogate

Putting the green token in the car wash
Hilary - Sutton in Craven

Starting a motorbike
Sarah - Bilton

Putting washing up plates on to the side board
Stevo - Ilkley

Gym weight going down
Alice - Harrogate

Placing items on the security tray at an airport
Paul - Burley-in-Wharfedale

Opening a CD case and taking one out
Mick - Ilkley

Opening a wardrobe and moving coat hangers
Denisa - Harrogate

Rachel - Otley

Someone filling up with petrol
Pauline - Harrogate

Pinball machine
Adrian - Harrogate

A security barrier opening
Joel - Wetherby

Taking an iron out of the holder and filling it with water for the steam
Maureen - Guiseley

Detaching a handle from a grill tray
Gary - Knaresborough

Clicking/using a cigarette lighter
Liz - Bilton

A pair of jeans in a tumble drier
Kate - Harrogate

Igniting a gas hob with a hob lighter
Dave - Harrogate

Throwing a can or a tin into the recycling box
Anna - Dacre Banks

Coin machine that gives change
Adrian - Otley

Fastening a seat belt on a plane
Robert - Ilkley

Putting meat or veg into an oven and closing the door
Lindsey - Barnoldswick

Ice from an American style fridge
Pam - Harrogate

Opening a can of drink
Neil - Knaresborough

Watch winder
Clint - Harrogate

Stephanie - Knaresborough

Something printing out of a printer
Harriet - Embsay

Key opening a lock
Rick - Bramhope

Putting coins into a sunbed
Jeff - Harrogate

Coin in a jet wash machine
Maureen - Yeadon

Nick coming down the stairs, popping the kettle on and peeling back the foil on a new tin of coffee
Steph - Starbeck

A tumble drier
Yvette - Thirsk

Key going into a Yale lock
Anita - Harrogate

Nick heading out before work in the morning to start his car and warm it up
Sue - Harrogate

A dishwasher dispensing it's tablet
Pam - Skipton

Putting batteries in a battery charger
Steph - at work

A photocopier
Alex - Bilton

Pulling the plug from a sink or a bath
Hayley - Knaresborough

A running shower
Claire - Harrogate

The air conditioning unit noise when Nick changes the temperature
Helen - Ripon

Sliding the deadlock on a door
Ellie - Cowling

A frying pan on a hob then the crack of an egg
Mary - Harrogate

Going into the shower; having a hot shower and dropping the shaver into the bottom of the shower
Nicola - Skipton

Putting a plug into a sink or basin
Lesley - Starbeck

Electric tin opener, opening the tin and the lid popping off
Tom - Wetherby

A filter jug
Janet - Ripon

Opening the plastic lid on a takeaway coffee cup
Peter - Skipton

Putting money into a tumble dryer
Emma - Sutton-in-Craven

Taking a top off a flask, filling it with hot water and putting the lid on
Ruth - Thirsk

Peeling an onion and slicing it
Owen - Jennyfields

Cutting paper with a guillotine
Sharon - Thirsk

Phone jack
Liz - Bilton

Opening a can
Christine - Ilkley

Chewing gum being taken out of a plastic tub
Stephanie - Knaresborough

Putting money into a public toilet
Indra - Harrogate

Opening a jar of coffee
Danielle - Follifoot

Washing machine draining
Pam - Skipton

Putting the petrol nozzle back in the stand
Helen - Bilton

A paper shredding machine
Paul - Harrogate

Vacuum cleaner picking bits up
Pam - Skipton

Using a pair of tongs to remove a slice of lemon from making a cup of lemon tea
Paul - Burley-in-Wharfedale

Bottle opener and collection tub
Jeremy - Harrogate

Someone stabbing a ready meal
Lucy - Harrogate

Attaching a head to an electric toothbrush
Debbie - Scotton

Toilet brush being used and replaced
Clint - Harrogate

Phone being put into in-car holder
Hayley - Ilkley

Punching digital numbers on a safe
Brian - Harrogate

Pushing open the lid on a kettle and closing it
Olivia - Harrogate

Putting money into a wooden money box
Jo - Bilton

Opening a shower gel bottle and closing the lid after use
Joe - Harrogate

Putting money into a charity box
Leanne - Bradford

Coin in parking meter
Alison - Ilkley

Putting tokens into a sun bed machine
Alison - Harrogate Interiors

Water poured onto teabags in a teapot
Rose - Skipton

Paper being shuffled
Paul - Harrogate

Kettle switching off
Lynn - Harrogate

Peeling the foil off a contact lens
Dave - Copgrove

Moving the air nozzle on a hand drier
Paul - Devon

Someone getting out of bed
Clint - Harrogate

Dropping an egg into a pan of water and switching on the hob
Clint - Bilton

A lift going up, then the doors opening
Rita - Harrogate

Remote control car key
Val - Masham

Opening a can of animal food
Kate - Knaresborough

Cereal box opened and contents poured
Pamela - Skipton

Drive through car wash
Garth - Bracewell

Turning the car engine over
Carole - Wetherby

A hairdryer being used and then turned off
Wendy - Bradley

A pricing gun
Victoria - Cowling

Car sunroof
Roger - York

Jess - Harrogate

Putting the lid on a jam jar and placing the knife in the sink
Sam - Otley

Opening up a log-fire and putting another log on
Jack - Knaresborough

Dolce coffee machine
Nicky - Knaresborough

Latching and unlatching a kissing gate
Yvonne - Pateley Bridge

Gas ignition
Sue - Great O Burn

Washing machine with ad-wash facility
Liz - Jennyfields

Paper being stapled
Adrian - Harrogate

Changing gear on a bicycle
Jill - Allerton

Nick's smart phone switching a device on
Mandie - Skipton

Cracking an egg to fry it
Christine - Starbeck

Opening a pram or pushchair
Steph - Wetherby

Clothes hangers slid along a rail
Terry - Newby

Removing a cylinder from a vacuum cleaner
Roger - Bishopthorpe

Stirring a drink with a teaspoon in a cup and then placing the spoon down on the side
Cynthia - Ilkley

Kettle boiling
Julie - Harrogate

Inserting a coin in the ticket machine
Ralph - Ripley

Battery operated toothbrush
Rita - Harrogate

Fastening and unfastening a child's car seat
Charlotte - Ben Rhydding

A hand dryer
Jim - Skipton

Putting an umbrella up
Alison - High Birstwith

Money into a car meter
Mark - Gargrave

Tin foil being ripped from its box
Martin - Summerbridge

A frying pan on an electric hob; the fat sizzling away and you crack an egg on the side
Mary - Harrogate

Someone measuring something with a tape measure
Carol - Starbeck

Breaking the seal on an instant coffee jar
Sean - Harrogate

An electric can opener opening a can and taking the lid off
Steve - Wetherby

Car engine running on a driveway
Elaine - Skipton

Coffee machine with pods
Daniella - Knaresborough

Stirring a hot drink and putting the teaspoon into the sink
Christine - Ilkley

A pot noodle
Maria - Bulgaria

Nick making a cup of tea, stirring his spoon in the cup and then placing the spoon on a spoon rest
Sarah - Northallerton

An egg being cracked into a frying pan
Wendy - Bradley

Fishing reel
Robert - Ilkley

A toaster and kettle being switched on simultaneously
Jennifer - Ilkley

Clicking off a pen and dropping it on a desk, where it rolls a little
Jill - Kirby Wiske

Kettle being put back on its stand
Simone - Starbeck

The bathroom extractor fan is running and you're adjusting the shower head height by pushing the button in and releasing it again
Natalie - Harrogate

A coin dropping into a slot
Tiffany - Summerbridge

Breaking the seal on a child-proof bottle and then pushing down to open it
Nicky - Knaresborough

Switching on the slow cooker
Ellie - Skipton

A camera shutter going off
Luke - Starbeck

Filling a kettle and switching it on
Garth - Bracewell

People watching Tipping Point!
Bob - Harrogate

Putting a pod into a coffee machine and then spitting it out again
Margaret - Sutton in Craven

Bathroom door catch
Tammy - Harrogate

Clocking in/out machine
Chris - Harrogate

Opening the lid on a reusable coffee cup
Lucy - Otley

Garden gate opening and closing
Amanda - Harrogate

Ring pull being pulled on a can of pet food
Billy - Skipton

Putting change into a charity box
Richard - Ripley

Coat hangers
Nicola - Bilton

Someone hanging a cordless vacuum back on the battery charger
Liz - Cononley

The lid on an iron's water dispenser clicking
Katie - Harrogate

Putting a plug in the wash basin/sink, turning on taps and filling with hot water for a wash.
Liz - Harrogate

Wood being placed in pot belly stove and a cup of tea!
Lesley - Cowling

Power washer
Simon - Kilburn

Putting a key in key safe
Louisa - Boroughbridge

Putting money into a vending machine and it dropping out again
Paula - High Harrogate

A key cutting machine
Hazel - Harrogate

Someone washing the dishes
Elaine - Skipton

Putting up ironing board and doing ironing
Mary - Harrogate

Unlocking door, opening door, shutting door
Kristy - Jennyfields

Taking plastic film off a milk bottle lid
Debbie - Starbeck

Coins being rejected from a parking machine
John - Ripon

A photocopier
Steph - Harrogate

Somebody taking the lid off a can of aerosol paint and giving it a shake
Leanne - Ripon

Espresso milk frother
Mark - Harrogate

Putting out an ironing board
Sarah - Skipton

Somebody putting rubber gloves on
Debbie - Scotton

Old record player selecting a record with its arm
Rod - Knaresborough

A bank card pulled out of pay machine
Olivia - Ripon

Flicking the cap off some face wash and then replacing it ready to wash your face
Kim - Hampsthwaite

Taking a ticket out of the machine at Asda
Paul - Jennyfields

Popcorn in a microwave
Georgia - Wetherby

Jam jar being opened
Sally - Boroughbridge

Electric garage opening
Kathryn - Birkenshaw

Putting key in a key hole, twisting the key and pushing the door handle open
Olivia - Harrogate

Putting money in a drinks machine and making a selection
Jacqueline - Harrogate

An electric tin opener
Jill - Harrogate

A washing machine
Anita - Pudsey

Putting coins into a machine at a laundrette
Stuart - Ripon

Putting a token into a sunbed
Kirsty - Cononley

Cooking on a gas stove
Rosie - Boroughbridge

Taking the plug out of the bath
Jackie - Kirby Hill

Train going over the points
Rita - Harrogate

Can of drink being opened
Michelle - Harrogate

A gumball machine - someone popping a coin in and twisting the handle
Adam - Leeds

Putting a coin in a laundrette dryer
Graham - Ripon

Cracking an egg open
Graham - Harrogate

Electronic window in a car
Greg - Skipton

Coin left in trousers in a tumble dryer
Alison - Knaresborough

Coffee pod being put into a coffee machine
Vicky - Knaresborough

Security tag being taken off an item
Phil - Harrogate

A token dropping into the slot on a sunbed
Sarah - Dacre

Doors closing
Karen - Harrogate

A self-service ticket machine at a train station
Peter - Ripon

Closing the door on a tumble dryer
Dawn - Skipton

Coffee cup clipping onto a machine
Liz - Harrogate

Cracking an egg
John - Settle

Unlocking a chain on a bicycle, letting it drop and setting off
Jennifer - Ilkley

Putting a watch on wrist and locking into place
Poppy - Wetherby

Topping up a pay-as-you-go electric meter
Steve - Burton Leonard

Putting a creased shirt into the tumble dryer with ice cubes to take the creases out
Andrew - Harrogate

Plug going into a socket
Leanne - Knaresborough

The glass receptacle being removed/replaced from/in a coffee filter machine
Amanda - Keighley

Opening a laptop
Sharon - Harrogate

Putting a pound coin in to lock your locker up
Shirley - Harrogate

A shampoo bottle being opened, the shampoo coming out and then the lid clicking shut
Sharon - Harrogate

Putting money into a machine at the laundrette
Joel - Barnoldwick

Putting money into the gas/electric meter
Jill - Allerton Park

Putting a coin into a sunbed, it drops down and then you lie down
June - Haworth

Someone popping a token into a sunbed whilst the fan is still running
Sharon - Leeming Bar

Eating a bag of crisps
Clare - Menston

Putting petrol in the car then putting the nozzle back in the pump
Pauline - Supermarket car park

Porridge cooking in a microwave
Angela - Kirkby Malzeard

Dropping a coin into a battery operated coin-sorting container
Barbara - Holme-on-Spalding-Moor

Winding down window on a car
Paul - Bishop Monkton

Putting a card into an ATM machine
Chloe - Skipton

Checking oil on the car
Steve - Harrogate

A clocking in machine
Nicola - Yorkshire

Toothbrush being put into holder
Becki - Harrogate

Someone switching off a mobile phone
Sandra - East Marton

An electric toothbrush
Hazel - Harrogate

Adjusting the height of a shower head
Fiona - Boroughbridge

Putting an ink cartridge in a printer
Pauline - Harrogate

Food going around in a microwave
Michelle - Skipton

Opening an envelope
Lucy - Harrogate

Taking a bottle full coins into the supermarket to be counted in the machine and a ticket being produced at the end
Andy - Ripon

Bus ticket machine
Nancy - Coniston Cold

Vehicle driving over a cattle grid
Karen - Skipton

Coffee machine pod dropping down
Phillip - Harrogate

Someone using a steam iron
Marianne - Skipton

Opening a pedal bin
Liz - Harrogate

Putting coins in a machine at the laundrette
Andrew - Harrogate

Cleaning out a cement mixer; the stones going around the drum as it's being washed
Adrian - Harrogate

Someone photocopying
Carol - Silsden

Opening a kit kat and snapping a finger off
Karen - Calcutt

Change coming out of the self service till at a supermarket
Margaret - Sutton in Craven

A teasmade
Angela - Otley

Stapling pieces of paper together
James - Harrogate

A seatbelt being clicked in
Irene - Cold Bath Road

Returning a shopping trolley, clipping the lock back in and your £1 coming out
Cara - Menston

Disposable shaving cartridge being thrown away
Martyn - Harrogate

Putting a pan on the hob to boil
Liz - Bilton

Vending machine dispensing drink
Liz - Harrogate

A plastic cup dropping in a vending machine
Adam - Keighley

Taking sellotape from a dispenser
Janet - Harrogate

Nick adjusting the temperature in his shower
Steph - Knaresborough

Changing a toilet roll
Trish - Harrogate

Going to a turnstile in a public toilet, putting your money in and it turning over
Jennifer - Burley-in-Wharfedale

Putting a thermal cup in the cupholder in the car
Zoe - Skipton

Putting a letter through a letterbox
Terry - Harrogate

Opening a can of hot dogs
John - Harrogate

Opening a can
Becky - Skipton

A hot soup kettle and it's lid
Emily - Ripon

Opening a tub of margarine
Michael - Sutton in Craven

Putting a nozzle in and filling a car up with petrol
Michelle - Embsay

A sunbed
Simon - Skipton

A sun bed machine
Tom - Harrogate

Shower door closing
Beverley - Knaresborough

Someone washing his hands and putting the soap back on a soap dish
Aiden - Harrogate

The drawer on a condenser dryer coming out and then putting it back in
Donna - Borougbridge

Dispensing a sweetener
Lucy - Oatlands

Opening and closing a skylight
Clint - Harrogate

A photocopier printed on double-sided paper
Helen - Harrogate

Opening or closing an electric garage door
Ziya - York

Using a vacuum and bits, such as small stones, rattling up into the machine
Rita - Skipton

Putting a seat belt on
David - Harrogate

Filling an electric kettle, putting it on the stand and flicking the switch
Andy - Barnoldswick

Throwing an empty food tin into the recycling
Becky - Ripon

Changing the temperature in a shower
Nicola - Ripon

A tumble drier
Sam - Shadwell

Taking the post out of the letterbox
Julie - Ripon

Putting a coin into a toll booth machine
Nikki - Barnoldswick

Going into the shower, pulling the two cords to turn the fan on and to switch the shower on
Jo - Starbeck

Lighting the gas ring on a cooker
David - Harrogate

A hot egg timer
Sandra - East Marton

Car wing mirror
Sharon - Harrogate

Someone drying their hands on an electric hand dryer
Elaine - Pannal

A grill pan handle being placed on the tray, sliding it across and placing under the grill
Nigel - Barnoldswick

Coins going into jukebox
Pete - Grass Roots

Bread slicer machine
David - Bilton

Putting a dishwasher tablet in and shutting the little trap door
Trevor - Pateley

Putting a coin into a hairdryer at the swimming baths
Maggie - Steeton

Opening a CD, putting it into the CD machine and closing the case
Bev - Eastburn

Selecting a coffee at a petrol station and the coffee grinding before the suspense
Jayne - Harrogate

Putting the coins into a car wash Hoover
Emma - Great Ouseburn

Winding in the flex cord on a hoover
Pam - Pateley Bridge

Coin being slotted into a coin saver
Mel - Knaresborough

Change dropping from a vending machine
Carole - Skipton

A bowl of porridge being placed in a microwave oven
Katie - Harrogate

A vending machine dispensing
Mick - Ripon

Putting the whistle back on a kettle
Sandra - East Marton

Nick opening a can of energy drink whilst his porridge is in the microwave
Robert - Starbeck

Foil being removed from milk bottle
Michelle - Clifton

An Nespresso coffee machine; it's the sound of the lid going on the aeroccino (the milk frother) and clicking it on to the stand to switch it on
Sarah - Pannal

Boiling an egg and adding the egg timer
Rose - Roecliffe

A smart tap going from cold to hot
Sue - Harrogate

Something metal rattling around in the washing machine
Rona - Bilton

Being on a bus
Dennis - Sutton in Craven

Cashing coming out of an ATM
Emma - Harrogate

A teasmade automatically turning on in the morning
Angela - Dalton

Pulling cling film out of a automatic dispenser, click it on the top and it cuts he cling film off
Rebecca - Ilkley

Turning on a gas fire
Karen - Knaresborough

Taking clothes off of a coat hanger
Stephanie - Wetherby

Taking the foil off the top of a new jar of coffee
Andrea - Skipton

Someone plugging their seat belt in the car
Kirstie - Wetherby

Shower curtain being pulled across
Jane - Skipton

Debit/credit card going in or out of a cash machine
Steve - Thorp Arch

Having a shave with an electric razor
Nadine - High Birstwith

CD gliding in or out of a CD player
Rachel - Sutton in Craven

A drinks vending machine dispensing a cup
Ian - Wetherby

Coin in a coffee machine and cups falling
Liz - Harrogate

Pulling up an aluminium Venetian blind and dropping it down again
Liz - Harrogate

Unscrewing a hair product with a fan on in the background
Susan - Ilkley

Opening a sachet of porridge
Hayley - Ripon

Ice cubes taken from tray into a glass
Linda - Ilkley

Milking machine
Ian - Silsden

Nick making a coffee in an insulating mug
Mary - York

Coffee Pod being opened and put in
Richard - Otley

Someone throwing a spoon into the sink after making a hot drink
Maureen - Yeadon

Petrol pump nozzle
Kim - Hampsthwaite

Putting bread in the toaster and pushing the handle down
Sarah - Darley

Pouring bath salts into a bath
Liz - Knaresborough

Coin machine at a supermarket
Gary - Knaresborough

Pre-paid token used at hospital barrier
Kev - Glusburn

Nick having a wet shave
Mandy - Bilton

Taking an envelope out of the letterbox and coins inside the envelope dropping onto the metal letterbox
Jo - Skipton

Opening a tin of beans with the ringpull and dropping the lid on the counter
Carina - Ripon

Cracking an egg into an already hot frying pan!
Jayne - Boroughbridge

A coffee machine with the pod dropping into the waste bin after it's been used
Hayley - Harrogate

Porridge being made in a microwave
Maureen - Yeadon

Someone putting their seatbelt on and clipping it into the little holder
Michael - Burley in Wharfedale

Petrol pump
Adrian - Harrogate

Opening the top of a Tassimo machine, putting the pod in and closing the lid
Paul - Harrogate

A stapler
Eddie - Skipton

A vacuum, when you push the button and the wire reels in
Holly - Leeds

Scooping up a set of keys
Lucy - Harrogate

Filling a dishwasher
Betty - Ripon

Dog pulling away from retractable lead
Shelley - Harrogate

Opening an actimel
Paul - Skipton

When a kettle has boiled and you put it back on the kettle stand
Sharon - Ripon

Plates being stacked
Harold - Skipton

Taking the lid off a can of shaving foam/gel, squirting some out, putting the lid back on and then shaving in hot water
Lynzee - Barnoldswick

Someone measuring something with a tape measure
Carol - Starbeck

A fan being switched on and sped up
Sandy - Hampsthwaite

Coin in a laundrette machine
Ian - Harrogate

Cassette going into a player
Meghan - Skipton

Using a self service coin operated coffee machine
Suzanne - Ripon

Somebody taking the lid of a can of aerosol paint and giving it a shake
Leanne - Ripon

Unwrapping a biscuit with a hot drink
Andrea - Embsay

Someone leaving the house and turning the key to lock the door
Yvonne - Pateley Bridge

Stirring a tea and taking the spoon out
Sandra - East Marton

Putting a coin in a dryer at a launderette and turning the knob
Rick - Skipton

Getting on to the red and white bus services, the engine's running and then you drop change into the ticket tray
Pete - Wormald Green

A pod falling out of an Espresso machine
Shona - Jennyfields

Coin in a small child's toy vending machine
Trish - Starbeck

Car keys in ignition before starting car
Mike - York

Tokens or coins being put into a motorized golf trolley
Glyn - Otley

Coin in a laundrette
Jess - Thornaby

Dropping change into the charity box at a McDonald's Drive-Thru
Linda - Knaresborough

Tap running
Joyce - Ripon

Charity token drop-box
Alice - Harrogate

Coin rejected from public phonebox
Andy - Weston Supermare

Boiling a kettle and it clicking off
Tom - Helperby

A ticket machine processing your ticket and throwing out the change
Catherine - Ilkley

Putting a seatbelt on in a car
Simone - Starbeck

Setting up an ironing board
Marina - Harrogate

Flip top lid on a flask
Nicky - Knaresborough

Putting a token in to inflate tyres
Sheila - Knaresborough

Lift going up/down and door opening
Ruth - Masham

Putting the heating on
John - Skipton

Take the lid off a plastic milk bottle
Sally - Skipton

Waiting to receive your change from a pay and display machine
Vicky - Sutton-in-Craven

Plugging in a seat belt
Sarah - Follifoot

Opening a letter
Curly - Ilkley

Putting an iron board up
Sally - Harrogate

Someone cooking a fried breakfast - bacon and eggs?
Marie - Ripon

Someone taking a bite out of an apple
Danielle - Starbeck

Pound coin dropping in at the drop-off barrier at Leeds Bradford Airport
Paul - Embsay

In the car and the keys on your keyring hitting the steering column
Mary - Otley

Having a shower, turning the shower off, getting out of the shower and shutting the shower door
Charlie - Harrogate

Egg being cracked in a frying pan
Amanda - Wetherby

Fan oven cooling down
Marc - Harrogate

A soup maker
Chris - Pateley Bridge

Air pump at petrol station recoiling
Deborah - Skipton

Pulling a cup out of a water dispenser machine and putting it under the dispenser
Liz - Harrogate

Opening and closing a garden gate
Richard - Starbeck

Crushing a can and recycling it
Martin - Summerbridge

Starting a treadmill
Chris - Skipton

Taking the security chain off your front door
Mark - Crosshills

Newspaper being taken out of holder at station
Aga - Harrogate

Paying cash at a motorway toll booth
Mike - Thirsk

Grill being ignited and food being cooked
Pam - Skipton

A coin in an arcade coin pushing game
Debbie - Harrogate

Shower thermostat
Elaine - Skipton

Toast in a toaster popping up
Margaret - Sutton-in-Craven

Change dropping into a tray on a bus
Sue - Ilkley

Coffee pod in a coffee machine and then released
Katie - Skipton

Pouring a cup of coffee from an old fashioned coffee pot
Angela - Otley

Taking the lid off an aerosol can, spraying, then putting the lid back on
Debbie - Scotton

Putting a tablet in the dishwasher and setting it off
Bev - Embsay

Someone putting money into a ticket machine
Darren - Harrogate

Opening a pack of contact lenses
Jon - Ripon

Tumble drier
Sarah - Ainton

Someone working out on a cross trainer
Debbie - Scotton

Putting a coin into a locker in the changing room
Priscilla - Airedale Hospital

A gate closing and being fastened
Alan - Boroughbridge

Lawn mower blade hitting something
Lesley - Haworth

Coffee sachet being put into machine
John - Masham

Connect 4
Lily - Hampswaite

Someone basting or turning a joint in the oven
Mary - Harrogate

Putting a rack out of the dishwasher and sliding it back in
Donna - Driffield

An electric tin opener, opening a tin of branded beans
Lee - Skipton

Lifting the plastic flap on a ticket machine in order to get the ticket out
Kirsty - Ripon

A toilet being flushed
Eileen - Eastburn

Metal bin opening
Lucy - Cold Bath Road, Harrogate

Taking the lid off a tub of margarine
Phil - Guiseley

Someone buckling up their seat belt
Mel - Knaresborough

Dice popper on 'Frustration!'
Jamie - Harrogate

The sound of a portable safe being opened and closed
Vicky - Ilkley

Electric car
Tracy - Skipton

Reverse recycling machine in Morrisons
Jen - Skipton

A self service cash machine
Jean - Skipton

A candy floss machine
Tracy - Embsay

Filling a teapot with hot water and then pouring it into a mug
David - Bilton

The internal workings of a clock; like a grandfather clock or cuckoo clock before it goes on to the hour
Jane - Harrogate

At the train station, putting your card ticket into the entrance gate and it processing the ticket and the gate opening
Jack - Harrogate

Someone taking a lid out of a holder and putting it on their cup
Val - Harrogate

Kettle being switched off
Ruth - Masham

A tray/shelf in an oven being pulled out and put back in
Beth - Harrogate

Portable hoover sucking a coin up
Hollie - St. Anne's

Opening a take away meal
Terry - Skelton-on-Ure

Electric car connection
Ian - Harrogate

Unraveling the lead of a Dyson hoover and plugging it in
Moyra - Richmond

Putting the lid on top of a flask
Clint - Bilton

Putting a disc in case
Sally - Boroughbridge

Putting a coin into a tumble dryer at a laundrette
Damo - Steeton

Opening a wardrobe, choosing an item of clothing and sliding the coat hanger across the rail
Carole - Skipton

Air machine at supermarket
Lynn - Harrogate

A record being selected by a Wurlitzer jukebox
Ian - Boroughbridge

Air/tyre compressor at a petrol station
Lynn - Bilton

Splashing water on your face
Pam - Skipton

Switching a shower off
Jo - Harrogate

A recycled coffee cup
Stuart - Ripon

Pull cord switch for electric shower
Steve - Cross Hills

Nick lighting a firelighter
Moira - Gargrave

Cash card being put into an ATM and out again
Mandy - Harrogate

Turning the gas hob off on a cooker
Jill - Knaresborough

Somebody doing the washing up with knives, forks, etc in the bowl
Rita - Skipton

Charging a mobile phone
Curly - Ilkley

Paying with coins on a bus and the coins being put into coin slots
Grace - Beckwithshaw

Stirring a hot drink then throwing the spoon in the sink
Joanne - Knaresborough

Lifting the flap on the thermostat at home and adjusting the temperature
Trish - Birstwith

Coin going into a locker
Christopher - Knaresborough

Pushing the wing mirrors in on the car
Liz - Bilton

A yoghurt pot being opened
Amanda - Harrogate

Unlocking the office door and walking in
Caroline - Harrogate

Someone pushing the button at a car park barrier and hearing the token dispense
Sandra - Easingwold

Coin falling onto a wooden floor
Nicky - Knaresborough

Pulling open a tin (of beans) using the ring-pull
Nicola - Harrogate

Putting money into a machine at the laundrettte
Diane - Burley in Wharfedale

A bain marie to keep food hot
Phil - Starbeck

Money going into a till
Leanne - Harrogate

Pushing a cigarette lighter button in a car
Natalie - Boroughbridge

A tumble dryer
Amanda - Harrogate

A cappuccino/espresso machine; the stick goes into the milk to heat it and then the coffee is poured
Pam - Skipton

A cheese gun
Sandra - East Morton

A gas oven with the burners on and an egg being broken into a pan
David - Pateley Bridge

A condenser dryer; the drum going around and somebody pulling out the water container and then sliding it back in
Jason - Harrogate

Putting a coin into a charity box
Fiona - Skipton

Cracking open an egg to fry it
Ian - Boroughbridge

Coin machine that gives change
Adrian - Otley

Microwaving a coffee
Roger - York

Robert - Harrogate

Newspapers coming off the printing press
Stewart - Harrogate

Hair straighteners
Liz - Bilton

A dishwasher
David - Bilton

Clothes in a tumble dryer
Holly - Harrogate

Sliding the safety chain off the front door before heading out in the morning
Eddie - Boroughbridge

Driving on a resurfaced road and the loose chippings hitting the wheel arch of the car
Rona - Bilton

Putting coins into a hot drinks machine
Vicky - Starbeck

Taking lids off tea and coffee canister
Sally - Skipton

Opening the oven door
Claire - Menston

Removing the front of a car stereo and packing it away, or clipping it back in
Clint - Harrogate

Getting a pill out of blister pack
Catherine - Barnoldswick

A token going in the car wash
Dianne - Spofforth

Putting coins into a dry in the laundrette
Margaret - Sutton in Craven

A lottery ticket machine processing before printing out a ticket
Steve - Wetherby

Kettle boiling
Garth - Skipton

Someone putting coins in a machine to get a parking ticket out
Caron - Glasshouses

Putting a token into a sunbed and it switching on
Margaret - Sutton-in-Craven

Shutting a microwave door and putting it on
Emily - Skipton

A laser-jet printer; sending your document to print, the machine fires up, prints on the paper and spits the document out
Steve - Harrogate

Milk bottle
Lynda - Boroughbridge

Putting a token in the machine at a car park barrier
Rosie - Skipton

Someone drying their hair, switching the hair dryer off and unplugging it
Holly - Chapel Allerton

Coffee from a vending machine
Liz - Bilton

Child safety cap (on medication)
Robert - Ilkley

Opening a letter
Cally - Knaresborough

Waste disposal unit
Wendy - Bradley, Skipton

Cash coming out of a cash machine
Lydia - Killinghall

Making a pot of tea
David - Otley

A tumble dryer with a loose button from a shirt in it
James - Ripon

Using a coffee machine at a service station
Pamela - Skipton

Nick opening a can of Red Bull
Rick - Harrogate

Nick putting disposable lid on hot drink cup
Christine - Ilkley

Preparing and switching on a slow cooker
Jean - Skipton

Nick putting money into a drink's vending machine to get a coffee, but the machine rejecting the money
Jan - Wigan

Placing the iron back in the cradle on the end of the ironing board
Katie - Masham

Putting £1 in an air hockey machine
Lucy - Boroughbridge

Putting coffee into the pot whilst the kettle is boiling
Lorna - Ripon

Flask lid
Liam - Barnoldswick

Nick taking tea bag out of cup and placing spoon on surface
Lorraine - Skipton

Putting a pound coin into a shopping trolley and pulling it out
Val - Harrogate

Putting a coffee pod into a coffee machine
Joe - Addingham

Someone paying for their car parking ticket at the Victoria Shopping centre, getting their ticket back and then the money dropping into the machine
Janet - Harrogate

Coffee and water coming out of a coffee machine
Darren - Harrogate

Putting wood into a wood burner and closing the door
Gill - Earby

Putting money into a vending machine
Gill - Bishop Thornton

Someone putting the handbrake on or taking the handbrake off in a car
Charlotte - Ilkley

Opening a container of coffee pods, placing it into a coffee machine and clicking it down
Liz - Bilton

Office Printer
Nickki - Bilton

Putting a toothbrush back in a holder
Trish - Ilkley

Popping a coin into an air compressor at a petrol station to pump up your tyres
Pete - Markington

Paying by contactless card then the receipt being torn off
Karen - Skipton

Old bingo machine
Craig - Harrogate

Pouring hot water from the kettle into an iron and iron clicking to say it's full
Joe - Harrogate

Patio sliding door
Sally - Goldsborough

Somebody putting their foot into the clip on a bike pedal
Jo - Pudsey

Shaking a box of tic tacs and putting the lid back on
Amanda - Jennyfields

Opening a cigarette packet
Jack - Jennyfields

Putting a key in a bike lock, turning it and pulling it out
Allan - Harrogate

Clicking a toaster down and back up
Charlotte - Silsden

Switching on the heating/hot water
Hannah - Pannal

Someone putting money into a soap dispenser in a laundrette
Suzanne - Eastburn

Money going into a slot machine
Jamie - Harrogate

Someone opening a window on a rainy day and then closing it
Helen - Harrogate

Putting money in a laundrette tumble dryer
Denise - Ripon

Cardboard sandwich pack being opened
Angela - Harrogate

Putting toothbrush back in container
Dave - Knaresborough

Paying a toll bridge
Danny - Knaresborough

Toy train on track
Anand - Harrogate

Money going into a jukebox and record been dispensed
Tracey - Gargrave

Tossing a coin and the clue 'hot' stands for 'heads or tails'
Fraser - Harrogate

Gym dryer
Lisa - Knaresborough

Trouser or clothes press
Angela - Menston

Coffee grinder
Andy - Harrogate

Coin rejected from parking machine
John - Bradley

Getting a lid for a takeaway coffee at a petrol station
Jennifer - Knaresborough

Someone buying a scratch card
Liz - Bilton

Putting a token in for a hot wash at the car wash
Debbie - Darley

Opening a tube of toothpaste
Lee - Dishforth

Putting a token in a shopping trolley
Sandi - Ben Rhydding

Taking the lid off tea, coffee, or sugar jars
Tracey - Settle

Coin or token put into shopping trolley
Adrian - Harrogate

Making a fresh lemon drink; slicing the lemon, putting it into a mug and adding the hot water
Liz - Bilton

The door handle mechanism on wood-burning stove when clicking shut
Chris - Silsden

Taking coins out of your pocket and into a car parking machine
Lyndsey - Barnoldswick

Making coffee in a reusable metal mug, stirring and putting the spoon down
Lorraine - Skipton

An instant machine teeth cleaner
Helen - Harrogate

Commercial tumble drier, putting coins in the slot
Sue - Dacre

Pull cord for a shower
Michael - Bolton Abbey

Allan - Harrogate

Lifting the handle up to lock the door
Vicky - Sutton in Craven

Filling a cup with a kettle and putting the kettle back on the stand
Curley - Ilkley

Petrol nozzle being returned to the pump
Kath - Burley in Wharfedale

A peleton
Kathryn - Ilkley

Getting the ring pull off a tin
Jimmy - Barnoldswick

Unclipping a seat belt
Jayne - Glasshouses

Switching the extractor fan on and off in the bathroom
Holly - Harrogate

Stoking the heater/stove in a sauna
Lynda - Harrogate

Crackling and spitting of grilled bacon
Clint - Bilton

Opening an oven door; the whirring sound is the fan on the oven and then closing the door because it's hot
Judith - Bilton

Taking a coffee pod out of a coffee pod holder
Lisa - Knaresborough

Opening a jar of baby food
Mike - Harrogate

Someone leaning out of bed to turn alarm off
Lorraine - Ripon

Getting on the bus and putting money in to the slot to pay for your ticket
Lisa - Skipton

Putting paper in a hole punch
Florence - Ilkley

Unwrapping a manual toothbrush from the packaging
James - Skipton

Taking the lid off a ready meal
Roger - Huby

Opening a muller light yoghurt
Pam - Pateley

Putting more money in a tumble dryer
Jane - Harrogate

Changing settings on a washing machine
Nicholas - Harrogate

Locking a mechanism on a tumble dryer
Joanne - Boroughbridge

Van door sliding open and closing
Mia & Lydia - Harrogate

A TV recorder being switched off
Roger - Bishopthorpe

Putting a coin in an automated car wash
Lynne - Bilton

Somebody slurping from a cup of tea
Sue - Harrogate

Pressing the button to warm up a can of hot drink
Debby - Rufforth

Hoover sucking up grit
Nadine - High Birstwith

Travel mug with a flip-lid
Stuart - Steeton

A washer-dryer, when the spin is ending & an item of clothing has a zip that is banging on the glass
Isabel - Knaresborough

Putting back the fuel cap after filling up
Debbie - Scotton

An extractor fan
Richard - Sutton in Craven

Turning the heater off in the car, turning the engine off and taking the keys out of the ignition
Louisa - Thornthwaite

A cup falling down in a machine before the hot water goes in
John - Leeds Road

Putting money into a coffee machine
Becky - Keighley

Turning on an electric heater
Karen - Cowling

Loading the dishwasher, putting the liquid tab in and clicking the door shut
John - Harrogate

Coin being put into a gas meter
Ann - Harrogate

Coin in a laundrette dryer
Fiona - Skipton

Car bonnet opened while engine running
Rochelle - Skipton

"A bingo machine with the balls in and it's the balls coming out"
Barbara - Bilton

Putting a tea light into a holder
Izzie - Harrogate

Ticket falling into compartment of ticket machine at train station
Shelley - Silsden

A hole punch
Fin - York

Taking lid off mouth wash
Paul - Knaresborough

Putting spare change into an electronic money box
Steve - Harrogate

Opening a tin of hot dog sausages
Christine - Ilkley

Putting a loo roll on a loo roll holder
Jane - Skipton

Paying to get into a public toilet, putting coins into the machine
Jill - Knaresborough

Coins in a tumble dryer

On a coffee machine, pull the handle towards you to bring the coffee down. You then move it across to tighten it, before you allow the coffee out.
Liam - Knaresborough

Sitting down or getting up off an office chair
Alexa - Menston

A guy shaving in the morning and tapping his razor on the sink
Phillipa - Ilkley

Unscrewing the cap off a milk/juice carton and tearing the foil off
Bart - Harrogate

Nescafe coffee machine
Lyndzey - Barnoldswick

A shower head being pulled up and placed back on the holder
Jamie - Ilkley

Putting money in a novelty money bank
Mark - Skipton

A washing machine on it's cycle and a metal object, like a coin or zip, striking the glass door as it goes round
Amanda - Burton Leonard

Peeling back lid from a pot of porridge in the microwave
Isobel - Otley

Waterboiler in background and a strainer going into the pot
Mandy - Bilton

Cracking an egg into a pan for poaching
Christine - Cowling

Putting a pod in the top of a coffee machine, closing the coffee machine and making a coffee
Jayne - Knaresborough

Opening a tin of soup
Stacey - Harrogate

Putting a coffee pod in a machine
Faye - Harrogate

Driving over potholes
Liz - Bilton

Taken security tags off at a shop
Adrian - Harrogate

Coin dropping into charity box
Trish - Bilton

Tearing bananas apart
Jean - Burnt Yates

Getting on a bus
Karen - Barnoldswick

A paper cup dispenser
Liz - Jennyfields

Starting a motorbike
Kathy - Skipton

Taking the coffee pot out of a percolator and the release valve clicking
Ian - Bingley

A kettle boiling in the background, whilst the foil is torn off the top of a new jar of coffee
Janet - Ilkley

Putting money into a car park ticket machine and getting the ticket out
Jackie - Harrogate

Car seat being clicked in
Pete - Harrogate

Taking the shower out to drain the bath and then placing the hose back in the holder
Charlotte - Ben Rhydding

Someone taking a lid out of a holder and putting it on their cup
Val - Harrogate

A tyre changing machine
Finley - Skipton

A hoover sucking up a piece of lego
Sue - Spain

Sterilizing a baby bottle
Katie - Otley

Carpet cleaner
Garth - Bracewell

Electric fire noise
Rochelle - Skipton

Placing the extendable hose on a hoover back in its holder
Trish - Bilton

Putting a drink in a cup holder in the car
Liz - Summerbridge

Putting your change in a dish
Carl - High Harrogate

Opening your front door with a Yale lock and then locking it at the other side
Jean - Skipton

Log splitter
Glyn - Middle of nowhere

Tap dripping
Ruth - Harrogate

Plastic coaster dropped onto table
Frankie - Knaresborough

Cracking an egg and peeling it back
Linda - Otley

A photocopier
Judith - Bilton

Replacing the nozzle of petrol / diesel pump at fuel station
Richard - Harrogate

A car wash; put in the code, the car goes through the rollers and the "hot" clue is the hot air blowing at the end or hot wax
Rebecca - York

Turnstile at train station
Paula - Airedale Hospital

Using a dipstick to check oil levels in car engine
Amy - Harrogate

Opening a packet on a train
Chris - Skipton

Placing the pump back onto the holder at a petrol station
Mark - Skipton

Nick washing up
Sally - Ripon

Lin - Boroughbridge

Dropping a cup into a wash basin/sink
Nichola - Skipton

Putting a bread pan into a bread maker
Lucinda - Burley-in-Wharfedale

Steam room
Garth - Harrogate

A filing cabinet being shut... 'hot' refers to top secret documents inside
Sally - Ripon

Paying for an automatic carwash
Sandra - Easingwold

Changing a toilet roll holder
Anita - Sutton in Craven

Turning on a hob
Sue - Killinghall

Putting your £1 in supermarket trolley and the key popping out the back
Alex - Ripon

Developing your photos from a card and the photos dropping out of the machine
Sharron - Bramhope

A lid opening on a washing machine tablet box
Kym - Hampsthwaite

Fastening and unfastening your seatbelt on air airplane
Chris - Harrogate

Turning the radio on (to Stray FM!)
Carole - Harrogate

Electronic window in a car
Greg - Skipton

Lift the flap on the thermostat for the boiler; switch the boiler on and put the flap back down
Jake - Ripon

A bus driver giving you your change back on the bus; he presses a button, it comes down a shute into a little dish
Christine - Pannal

Switching on a gas fire
Steph - Wetherby

Putting money into a charity box
Gail - Thirsk

Clicking a phone into a holder in a car
Gary - Harrogate

Nick taking the lid off a bottle of shaving foam
Lucy - Cold Bath Road

Turning a hairdryer on
Julia - Bardsey

Putting a new head on a razor
Gary - Knaresborough

Opening a letter
Jackie - Scruffs

An open letterbox; taking the post out and the flap closing again
Nikki - Harrogate

Motorised/mechanical salt or pepper mill
Joan - Thornton-in-Craven

Opening a freezer door in a supermarket
Claire - Menston

Someone dropping change into the charity box at McDonald's Drive-Thru
Emma - Great Ouseburn

Taking the lid off Nutella
Will - Thirsk

Opening the oven, pulling out the tray too far and it dropping a little
Helen - Melmerby

Putting money into a charity box
Debbie - Embsay

Souvenir Penny Press
Linda - Summerbridge

A hand dryer clicking off
Ali - York

Coin in a laundry tumble dryer
Chris - Colne

Childrens vending machine dispensing plastic toy
Alison - Harrogate

A shredder
Vanessa - Harrogate

Putting money in a parking meter and getting the ticket out
Astrid - Dalton

Making a hot chocolate; taking the lid off the tub and peeling the foil back
Michelle - Ripon

Plugging an AUX cable into a car/radio system to play music
Gary - Knaresborough

A pen being clicked
Elaine - Harrogate

A coin coming out of a change machine
Nicky - Knaresborough

Cash dispensed from cash machine
Simon - Harrogate

Coffee grinder
Lindsay - Barnoldswick

A juicing machine
Heather - Harrogate

Putting a lid on a pan/pot that's on the hob
Sandy - Bilton

Putting a token or coin into a tumble drier at a laundrette
Jim - Harrogate

A disc coming out of a DVD/Blu-Ray Player
Beth - Knaresborough

Starting a dishwasher and the tablet dispensing
Pete - Harrogate

Automatic train ticket machine
Miranda - Harrogate

Putting a coin or token in a dryer at a laundrette
Fiona - Sutton-in-Craven

Open a small milk carton and pouring
Ian - Boroughbridge

Taking a bicycle chain off
Maria - Knaresborough

Switching on an outdoor gas heater
Juliet - Harrogate

A hot shower
Callum - Keighley

Opening a butter container
Michael - Skipton

Putting bread in the toaster and putting the handle down
Alison - Skipton

Drink vending machine dispensing cup
Susan - Harrogate

Dropping cutlery into a bowl
Stephanie - Knaresborough

A paper shredder
Krisztian - Harrogate

Brushing your teeth
Pam - Skipton

Putting a toothbrush into a glass
Anna - Follifoot

Lowering and raising Venetian blinds
Roger - Bishopthorpe

Opening a washing machine door, loading it and then clicking the door shut once more
Bev - Eastburn

A handle on a fire-lever door
Jayne - Ilkley

Click of a seatbelt being released
Philippa - Knaresborough

Extractor fan in background, and then cracking an egg into a frying pan.
Eddie - Boroughbridge

Vending machine releasing dental or oral hygiene item
Ian - Hampsthwaite

Someone feeding a parking meter
Sue - Pateley Bridge

Coin in a bottle vending machine
Liz - Harrogate

CD being ejected from a car stereo
Debbie - Scotton

Pushing down the plunger on a cafetiere
Lorna - Ripon

Opening a packet of dental floss
Anna - Leeds

Collapsing an ironing board
Rachel - Bilton

Undoing a child's car seat harness and then letting the straps come apart
Hayley - Ilkley

Key dropping into a keysafe lockbox
Pamela - Skipton

Returning weights at the gym
Liz - Cononley

Blender making drinks
Wendy - Bradley near Skipton

In a nice hot shower with the extractor fan going
Jenny - Knaresborough

Pressing down and releasing the clicker on a gas-click lighter
Laura - Harrogate

Putting the lid back on a teapot after filling it with hot water
Allan - Harrogate

Cash machine
Amy - Skipton

Smart device plugged into a car
David - Starbeck

Putting money in an old phone box
Frances - Spofforth

Putting a token into a sunbed; the token dropping and the mechanism switching on
Teresa - Ilkley

Opening the vents on a wood-burning stove
Kirsty - Silsden

Filling car up with fuel and putting the nozzle back
Danny - Earby

Clocking in machine at work
Karen - Knaresborough

A one cup hot water dispenser
Maureen - Yeadon

A letter that a Postman/woman hasn't quite got all the way through the letterbox
Joanne - Burley

In a photo booth, choosing the passport shots you like and the money dropping in and then down into the main hopper
Heather - Burley-in-Wharfedale

A waste disposal unit
Melanie - Skipton

Opening a paper bag
Sally - Boroughbridge

Putting a capsule into a coffee maker and closing it
Pat - Harrogate

Turning a fan off
Lucy - Boroughbridge

Locking a door
Lucy - Spofforth

Opening a jar of coffee and piercing the seal to get to the coffee
Phil - Pateley Bridge

Putting a plug into a sink or basin
Lesley - Starbeck

Opening a smoke alarm
Max - Harrogate

Someone either pulling the plug out of the bath or putting it in
Sheila - Knaresborough

Making a hot drink with a Tassimo coffee machine
Nicky - Knaresborough

Hand sanitiser
Pam - Skipton

Gym locker and coin
Andrew - Woodlands, Harrogate

Getting on some type of exercise machine, turning the dials to change the tension, switching it on and having a workout
Liz - Bilton

Putting money in a dryer at the laundrette
Chris - On the beach at Filey

A barista clicking the filter onto a coffee machine and starting an espresso
Jacqui - Skipton

Coin put into a tumbler dryer at a laundrette
Steve - Knaresborough

Radio turning over
Liz - Harrogate

Turning on an electric shower and then pulling the shower curtain
Val - Masham

Going through a heated revolving door
Elisa - Harrogate

Emptying the sink of water
Pam - Skipton

Opening a fizzy drink can
Milly - Addingham

Taking a photo on a phone
Shaun - Knaresborough

Undoing a seat belt
Yasmin - Starbeck

A key being turned in a proper lock and then pulled out
Rachel - Boroughbridge

Electric pump in the shower
Maureen - Yeadon

Putting a key into a locker, turning the lock and a token falling out
Lisa - Starbeck

Putting coffee into the filter of a percolator, lid on and switch on
Lynzee - Barnoldswick

Getting in a sunbed
Ed - Harrogate

Coin dropping into changing room locker
Sara - Jennyfields

Washing machine
Jordan - Skipton

Changing gears on a bicycle
Becky - Otley

Cracking an egg into a pan of hot water to poach it
Janet - Ilkley

A travel mug; unscrewing the lid
Kim - Hampsthwaite

Putting key into the ignition to start car
Lisa - Harrogate

Coffee pod being put into a coffee machine
Steve - Follyfoot

Gate closing
Julie - Ripon

A person passing through a turnstile
Fiona - Skipton

Putting the nozzle back into a fuel pump
Keith - Redcar

Coffee lid
Rachel - Boroughbridge

Fastening and unfastening a seat belt
Nancy - Settle

Washing pots up under a tap
Nadine - Starbeck

Two eggs boiling away in a pan
Alison - Silsden

Using a pizza peel to get a pizza out of the pizza oven and then putting it down on the side
Trish - Harrogate

Stamping a bus ticket
Adrian - Staveley

Car boot opening then closing
Liz - Harrogate

Putting money into a telescope at the sea side
Chris - Steeton

Getting a ticket from a parking machine
Paul - Huddersfield

Taking a selfie
Sue - Starbeck

Someone paying for a parking ticket on a machine
Stephen - Fewston

Opening a coffee jar and tearing the foil off
Chelsea - Barnoldswick

Pulling the roller blind up
Alexa - Menston

Someone handing a bus driver change and they put it into their machine
Richard - Jennyfields

Cooking on an outdoor cooker
Simon - Harrogate

Turning a microwave off and opening the door
Jill - Harrogate

Opening up an app or program on an electronic device
Kathryn - Beckwithshaw

Coin going in round a vortex/spiral charity box
Richard - Harrogate

Coffee pod being replaced
Lucie - Pateley Bridge

Walking through the door into a sauna
Terri - Harrogate

Toilet door locking on an Airplane
Lucy - Borougbridge

Switching an oven timer on
Liz - Bilton

Clipping and unclipping a spring from cake tin
Helena - Dacre Banks

Taking a coffee pod, putting it into the coffee pod machine, and clicking it in and it being pierced.
Edi Dunning-Smith - Harrogate

Hand sanitiser being use and cap replaced
Liz - Bilton

Tablet being put into dishwasher
Anna - Harrogate

Putting a coin into a charity box
Alex - Harrogate

Pressing the remote to unlock a car
Rosa - Skipton

Taking a newspaper out of newspaper dispenser
Roz - Otley

A fridge freezer ice cube dispenser
Ryan - Hampsthwaite

A cafetiere brewing coffee
Sheila - Knaresborough

Someone cooking with extractor fan on
Rosa - Skipton

Opening a can using the pull-ring on top
Chris - Leeds

Turning a hob on then putting a Turkish coffee pot on it
Liz - Harrogate

Dishwasher dispensing the tablet into the bottom of the dishwasher
Darren - Harrogate

Putting in the car keys, starting it up, turning on the heater and the booster
Sue - Ripon

Putting a CD in a CD player
Richard - Wetherby

Click the indicator to start windscreen wipers
Sonia - Harrogate

A toothpaste dispenser being dispensed
Lynne - Barnoldswick

A dry shave
Greg - Skipton

A drinks can being opened
Ian - Boroughbridge

Someone putting up a ladder and clicking it into place
Sue - Killinghall

A floor cleaner, like a steam mop
Jen - Burnt Yates

Kettle in background and spoon in a mug
Toby - Skipton

Open a drawer, drop in keys and close drawer
Pam - Skipton

Turning a light on or off, then turning a shower on or off
Lisa - Harrogate

Lighting an open fire
Ellie - Skipton

A motorcyclist putting their helmet on and clicking it shut
Joan - Thornton-in-Craven

Petrol pump being placed back on the pump holder
Malcolm - Bramhope

Take a tea bag out of little envelope, put in a cup and wait for the water to boil
Tim - Knaresborough

Kilner jar opening
Sally - Harrogate

Slicing the top off a boiled egg and it dropping on to the plate
Lydia - Skipton

Post-it note dispenser
Amanda - Burnt Yates

An Italian coffee maker
Katie - Ilkley

Opening a man's wallet
Sharon - Bilton

Putting a seat belt on in a car with the heater on
Maureen - Yeadon

Something placed in a dishwasher
Pat - Otley

Getting a wash in the bathroom sink, pulling the metal plug out, wrapping it around the tap and it hitting the sink
Kelly - Starbeck

Coat hangers taken out of wardrobe
Helen - Knaresborough

Putting the coin or token into a changing room locker and turning the key
Charlie - Harrogate

Plugging in/unplugging a phone charger
Yvonne - Bilton

Putting coins into a tumble drier at a laundrette
Christine - Earby

Putting car keys on a hook
Sophie - Harrogate

The sound of an engine running and someone fastening a seat belt
Trish - Birstwith

Taking the lid off a smoothie maker
Debbie - Scotton

Something to do with false teeth...
Christine - Ilkley

Getting on the bus and paying
Angela - Starbeck

Turning on central heating
Rona - Bilton

Opening the oven door
Kirsty - Jennyfields

Opening a dishwasher and taking some plates out just after it's finished
Izzy - Otley

A train conductor's ticket machine
Justin - Pateley

Putting bottles in the recycling
Pam - A1

Brian - Skipton

Opening a can of fizzy pop with the ringpull
Lauren - Harrogate

Typing a message and sending it on Snapchat
Charlotte - Keighley

Dulce gusto pod machine
Gemma - York

Closing a UPVC window
Andy - Harrogate

Turning electric blanket on and adjusting settings
Liz - Bilton

Putting a pound coin into a hot drinks machine and the sound of it coming out
Sophie - Bingley

Lighting a candle with a long lighter
Steph - Knaresborough

A cat passing through a magnetic cat flap
Elaine - Glusburn

Opening a can whilst cooking
Rob - Starbeck

Someone putting the key in the car ignition and turning it
Nicki - Silsden

Putting money in a parking machine in town
Helen - Harrogate

Putting cash into a self service machine
Kerry - Skipton

Bottle of milk being opened and foil peeled back
Gwen - Ilkley

A stand up dryer at the swimming pool
Tina - Pannal

Pouring milk or hot water from a jug to make coffee
Pam - Skipton

Nick adjusting the temperature control to "hot" on an old electric shower
Nicki - Harrogate

Opening a tin of baked beans or tuna
Paul - Birstwith

Hair straighteners going through your hair and springing open after
Steph - Wetherby

A birefcase
Sharon - Skipton Road

Angus - Skipton

Nick unplugging a mechanical coffee machine
Sharron - Boroughbridge

A portafilter on an espresso machine; pushing it on and pressing the switch
Leanne - Harrogate

Stirring a hot (spicy) curry on the hob and then placing the lid on the pan
Joe - Keighley

Opening a tin of hot dogs
Martyn - Gargrave

Somebody turning the thermostat up to full
Emily - Skipton

Someone getting a Costa coffee from a petrol station machine
Nancy - Coniston Cold

Pulling a cup out of a coffee machine
Bart - Harrogate

A washer-dryer
Bradley - Harrogate

Coins being returned from a payphone
Rachel - Knaresborough

Putting a token into a petrol station hoover
Kathryn - Ilkley

Putting a pound in a locker at the gym
Glen - York

Opening a tin of soup
Daryl the gardener - in your garden

Opening a Hotpoint dishwasher, unwrapping the tablet, put it in, shutting the door and switching it on
Andy - Boston Spa

Putting paper in a printer paper tray and shutting it
Cameron - Knaresborough

Old phonebox, putting the phone down and your money comes back
Nikki - Ilkley

Sewing machine
Rob - Harrogate

Turning a gas fire on
Margaret - Sutton-in-Craven

Self service - coin entry
Alex - Harrogate

Taking a tablet out of the wrapping
Eddie - Otley

A car seat belt buckle being fastened
Amber - Barnoldswick

Dropping coins into a dish when leaving a tip
Liz - Harrogate

Someone opening a tin of soup with a ring pull
Louise - Harrogate

Putting a sink in a plug or bath
Lucy - Oatlands/Harrogate

Switching off the central heating before leaving the house
Tony - Harrogate

Placing money into an ATM outside a bank to deposit it
Sue - Dacre Banks

When you're in the launderette, you put your money in the machine and you can hear the drier going round in the background
Sarah - Barnoldswick

Turning a radiator on with the plastic knob
Steph - Knaresborough

Foil lid being peeled off a carton
Christine - Ilkley

Putting a coin into a DIY car wash for a hot water cycle
Sharon - Silsden

Sweetener dispensing into a cup
Lianne - Knaresborough

Opening a fridge, taking out a beer and opening it.
Glenda - Jennyfields

An ice-making machine
Vicky - Harrogate

Unfastening a seat belt
Heleana - Dacre Banks

Unlock a chain on the door
Lisa - Harrogate

A tumble drier, slowing down and a zip or button hitting the glass on the door
Rochelle - Skipton

Taking the post out of the letter box
Julie - Ripon

Nick with a coffee grinding machine
Lisa - Newton on Ouse

Robert - Skipton

Organizing forms into a leaver arch file
Josh - Harrogate

Electric fan heater switching on
Roger - Bishopthorpe

Opening a takeaway sandwich in a plastic container
Ryan - Skipton

Cutting paper with a guillotine
Sharon - Thirsk

Taking the top of a coffee jar while the kettle boils
Neve - Harrogate

A dryer in a launderette; you slot your money in, turn the counter, money drops and machine switches on.
Jacqui - Barnoldswick

Coin in petrol station vacuum cleaner
Katie - Skipton

Milk carton being opened
Yasmin - Harrogate

Peeling the foil lid off a porridge lid
Susan - Harrogate

Opening the foil on a contact lens
Katy - Harrogate

Cracking an egg into a poached egg pan
Moira - Gargrave

Clicking the lid down onto butter/margarine
Kim - Knaresborough

Taking a glass milk bottle from the fridge and peeling the foil top back
Charlotte - Starbeck

A person changing a lightbulb
Cameron - Harrogate

Electric coin meter - inserting money and twisting it
Mike - Knaresborough

A kettle switching itself off after boiling
Adrianne - Harrogate

Opening a can with the ring pull
Dave - Harrogate

Pringles being opened in a car
Timothy - Harrogate

Taking a shower head off
David - Guiseley

Opening and shutting a drawer
Clint - Harrogate

Turning the pages of a magazine or paper
Sally - Boroughbridge

Child seat being buckled
Linda - Otley

A security barrier opening
Joel - Wetherby

Clipping a baby in a booster seat in a car
Liz - Sutton in Craven

Taking a hot shower and sliding the lock across the door
Lorraine - Skipton