Meet Camilla and Stuart...

Camilla and Stuart are a young couple very much in love. They have recently had baby Roxy and so money is tight to say the least! Camilla struggled all year to juggle preparing for the baby with college work in order to complete a year long beauty course at the beginning of September, with hopes of beginning a mobile beauty career as soon as little Roxy is old enough to be left during the day. Stuart works in Castleford and spends his time travelling to and fro in order to spend time with the baby and at work. My heart swells with joy to see Camilla with Stuart. She was previously in a tough relationship so it’s wonderful to see her with a young man who treats her like a princess and adores little Roxy.

The couple would love to tie the knot and become an official family unit, but financially it is not possible. Camilla’s cousin has recently begun preparations for her own wedding .I look at Camilla and see her flicking through the wedding magazines with her eyes like saucers saying, 'oh mum look at that dress, isn't that beautiful? Id love to get married in a dress like that.'

Camilla has always been interested in art, even gaining a degree in Fine Art. I'll never forget the hours she would spend drawing her dream wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses as a girl.

I'm so pleased that Stuart has come along to make my daughter so happy and to look after her and I would love to see them share the perfect day.

Camilla is a real bargin hunter and when we discuss her cousins wedding, she will say, 'oh mum if it was my wedding I'm sure I could make those myself...' She is very clever and I'm sure she could fashion a lot of the finer details herself, but Ijust know she would not have the time to make favour boxes for a hundred guests at her wedding! And she is not one to make a fuss so I know she would settle for a budget wedding but I would just love to see her have the things she has dreamed of, the little details make all the difference, and would make the day so much more special. She deserves the best of everything for her wedding, not to make do. And this is what I keep telling her! She tells me how she would happily wear a second hand dress on her big day, but I know she would feel so much more special in a new dress, wearing it for the first time.

Camilla has never dreamt that she could afford a hotel wedding, but the Dower House would be the most perfect setting beyond her wildest dreams!!

It would just be so wonderful to see Camilla and Stuart sharing this special day and doing it in style! Not on the cheap. They deserve it so much. Thank you.