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Kelly and Chris

Kelly and Chris...

Kelly Denton is aged 30 and is a mum to two very special boys. Cameron was born first and was diagnosed with autism a couple of years later, this was a devastating blow.

Oliver arrived next, and after a difficult birth Kelly was told she should not consider having another baby for at least 5 years due to complications.

In May 2003 Kelly met Chris Ashworth whilst working on reception at a nightclub. Chris immediately took to the boys and he too is a very special person. On 25 December 2004, Chris proposed to Kelly. He adores Cameron and Oliver and is very much involved in their needs.
Chris and Kelly would love to have a baby of their own but would like to get married before doing so, however, they are not in a position financially to do either at present.

Hear a little more from Kelly and Chris...

Kelly has gone through very fragile times over the last couple of years, losing two important people in her life, one being her father. She is trying to build a strong and stable base for herself, Chris and her children and has just embarked on Open University training to become a qualified accountant.

This necessitates lots of work outside of her day job in addition to running the house, looking after the boys and Chris and I don’t know where she finds the time, energy or inclination. Chris has also been through the wars following a bike accident in which he shattered his shoulder and was off work for quite some time.

Kelly is an amazing young woman and Chris is so placid and laid back which is a really good stabilising balance for their relationship. I can’t think of a better couple (who could really do with some luck and better times in their lives) to win your competition.


Voting has no closed for the competition. The grand final will be broadcast live from the Dower House at Bond End in Knaresborough with Alex annoucing which of our 5 finalists will walk away with a prize worth thousands. Listen to 97.2 Stray FM on Thursday the 12th of November from 3pm to find out who wins!