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Meet Nicola and Dave...

I am entering my partner Dave and I into this competition to win our wedding as we are a very loving, deserving couple. We have been together for eight years and we have shared some great times and some very hard times. We have a beautiful nine & a half month old baby girl after what was a long and hard struggle to get her.

I first found out I was pregnant in December 2006 after a month of trying. I did everything I was supposed to, took folic acid, looked after myself, never drank. I have never smoked. We were amazed and extremely happy. Things seemed to be going well and at 15 weeks the baby's heartbeat was and checked everything seemed well. A week later there was a problem with the check up, the midwife couldn’t find a heartbeat. I was sent to hospital two hours later for a scan. We were devastated by the image of our baby still on the monitor & no heartbeat -an image which will stay with us forever. My screams could apparently be heard at the other end of the ward.

Hear a little more from Nicola and Dave...


After two days and what seemed like a lifetime later I was admitted to hospital to deliver our baby sleeping. Our baby boy, which at this stage was a little longer than the length of my hand. This was a truly horrible nightmare & I was totally unprepared for the pain. After a short stay in hospital I was sent home to come to terms with our loss. I struggled on & my confidence took a knock.
By now I was feeling very depressed & low. The only thing I felt would make me happy was to be pregnant again. We longed for a baby. Everywhere we went we saw pregnant bumps & newborn babies.

So a month we were thrilled to have a positive pregnancy test. I had a scan at 11 weeks and another at 14 weeks. I laid back on the couch and looked at the screen, I saw a perfectly beating heartbeat & a baby not moving- Sleeping-I thought. The sonographer held my hand as he gave us the devasting news that our baby had a serious condition which meant it would not survive to birth. We were shocked & stunned as we were advised to terminate the pregnancy.

One of the hardest decisions we ever had to make. I was petrified knowing what I had to go through again. A day later I was admitted to hospital to deliver our baby, another boy. Dave & I kept each other going feeling very sad & low. I felt vulnerable & cried at the slightest thing. Dave was my rock. He was always looking after me & keeping me going, when it was hard for him too.

Having lost two babies I felt I had no confidence to try again. Dave & I had tests to see if there was a faulty gene or something, but luckily all our tests came back normal and we were told we'd just been very unlucky. I started to feel a glimmer of hope & build my confidence up again with Daves help.

We were nervous and ecstatic when we found out we were pregnant for the third time. Our consultant scanned me every week as I was a nervous wreck. We bought a Doppler, Dave always listened first whilst I held my breath, then he would give me the smile, the good news he'd found the heartbeat.

Week by week my tummy grew & I just couldn't believe it, Dave was always positive. My whole pregnancy I was an emotional bag of nerves. My due date came and went & 9 days over due, just a few hours from been induced, I gave birth - holding Daves hand, naturally with gas and air to our beautiful 10lb 9oz baby girl who we called Emilie Grace.

She was and is our little angel who has never let us stop smiling since she arrived on the 17th December 2008. She is the icing on our cake and perfect in every way. Dave & tell each other how lucky we are every day. We love each other so much, more than can be expressed in words and are stronger than ever before.

This year, on my birthday, Dave (and Emilie) proposed to me. A truly magical moment to which winning this wedding would be a dream come true for us both. I long to be the beautiful bride to make my man beam with pride and see me in a beautiful wedding dress.

Please, please consider us for your wedding competition otherwise we will be waiting a long time while we save up.

Thankyou, Nicola. xx


Voting has no closed for the competition. The grand final will be broadcast live from the Dower House at Bond End in Knaresborough with Alex annoucing which of our 5 finalists will walk away with a prize worth thousands. Listen to 97.2 Stray FM on Thursday the 12th of November from 3pm to find out who wins!