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Meet Sally and Neil...

Back in January this year, my business partner called at a house to give a quote. Normally we’d have gone together but I couldn’t make it this particular evening. It was then that Nicki met Neil. A single father of two, and clearly a doting son as he had extensive work done to his house in order for his mum, who was deteriorating at a fair pace with Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, to be nursed at home.

Nicki and Neil got on great and Nicki could see what a genuine and lovely man he was. He was a qualified diving instructor and had sold his business and following his relationship breakdown, devoted 18 months of his life looking after his kids and his mum, ensuring that, what would be the last months of his cherished mums life, would be stable and comfortable for her.

When Nicki left the house she immediately rang me and said I have just met the most amazing man and you just wait till you meet him ‘cos your gonna fall big time, he’s perfect for you! Me, having had my spirit crushed a bit, did not find Nicki’s words very convincing.

Hear a little more from Sally and Neil...

The time came when we went to do the work on Neil's house and I remember we parked up and he was stood Nicki pointed him out in the car and said 'that's him!' My heart kinda flipped but I had to remain cool!! I was a bit shy (and I'm usually quite loud!) and to me I had un-nerved myself by being like this! As the day went on we found ourselves in rooms just chatting-while I worked! We got on amazingly. We had so much in common. We'd both had over 12 years raising children with our partners and being desperately unhappy, staying for the kids' sake, which isn't necessarily the correct thing to do.

Enough was enough. We'd moved out and started again, piecing back the kids together and giving up on the hope of ever meeting anyone again as we thought we were scarred for life!

We went out for a few dates and grew closer and closer & opened up to each other. We'd finally found that missing piece and knew something special was happening to us. I found his kids a delight and mine warmed to him instantly, it was almost too good to be true! The kids all got on great, they'd finally got that family unit/sense that they had all yearned for as much as us as adults had.
After what seems a whirlwind, we decided to all move in together, which was very much a joint decision with the kids very much involved as their happiness was paramount to us. All were in favour. So in August this year, we all moved to Burton Leonard and Neil and I decided that we wanted to complete the fairytale romance by getting married.

As you can imagine, life is extremely hectic and non stop, having 4 stroppy teenage boys and a little girl, sometimes we have to duck from the testosterone levels flying about!! Luckily, Neil & I work fantastically as a team and share the joys and falls of all the children together. We have never felt so secure and have never believed so much that fate is real and karma is a great thing. We both worked hard in our previous relationships, to be knocked down everytime. It made us stronger, it made us who we are today, it made us value ourselves and it threw us together to finally know what real love feels like and what it is all about.

I hope you see the real romance involved in us being together, as that is what a wedding is all about and we feel Cinderella has come to life!!! 

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