Michael Bublé: Haven't Met You YetiTunesAmazon

Michael Bublé: Haven't Met You YetiTunesAmazon

It's the final stage!

It's been a tough journey so far for all the couples in our Win A Wedding Competition and with the big day a little over a month away the hard work is not over yet! Our three final couples are now through to the last stage  (meet them below) and will each have to 'blag' three auction prizes in order to raise the most money for their chosen charity live on air on 30th September. Our finalists will promote these items before the live auction so keep listening out  to see what  they blag. The couple which manages to raise the most money will win the wedding worth thousands and the winners will be announced on Friday 1st of October on Nick Hancock at Breakfast.

Thanks to everyone who helped our finalists get to the last stage. We had a record number of votes and here's how the final results looked:

Alex and Adelle: 793 Votes (15%)
Anna and Steven: 1152 Votes (22%)

Natalie and Steven: 1997 Votes (37%)
Richard and Natalie: 411 Votes (8%)
Rob and Amy: 982 Votes (18%)

Steve and Anna have known each other for 10 years but it was only when Anna moved back from London to Knaresborough 3 years ago that they got together. Since baby daughter Imogen has arrived they’ve been looking to get married but can’t see a time when they can afford it so would be very grateful for the chance to make their dreams come true.

Natalie and Steven live in Starbeck and have been together for 6 years. They have been through some tough times with Steve describing at Natalie as “his rock”. Natalie is currently a student nurse after Steve encouraged her to go back and study. They have a 1 year old daughter called Emily and want to get married to be complete as a family.

Describing Amy as “the best friend I’ve ever had”, Rob works in a behaviour support unit and Amy is currently a student nurse. At present living in Thirsk, they’ve been together for 3 years have their fingers crossed to win the wedding 22nd of October with the intention to become not only husband and wife but Mummy and Daddy soon!