The poll results are in and a massive congratulations to our 2011 winners...


 Gaynor Kitching & Kyle Watson!



Here are the five finalists for Win a Wedding 2011.

Voting will begin at 9am on Friday 9th September.

  kylegaynor thomastracey johnlianne  

 Gaynor Kitching &
Kyle Watson
Tracey Wilson &
Thomas Wilkinson

Lianne Pedel &
John Gilmour







Charlotte Denison &
Lee Stanford


Val Jones &
Jon Binsted


Voting has now closed.  The winner will be revealed tomorrow with Nick & Jen at Breakfast.

Latest poll: Win A Wedding 2011

The poll has now closed. Thank you for trying. The results will be announced on Monday 26th September 2011

Charlotte Denison & Lee Stanford 20%
Gaynor Kitching & Kyle Watson 24%
Lianne Pedel & John Gilmour 23%
Tracey Wilson & Thomas Wilkinson 23%
Val Jones & Jon Binsted 10%

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