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  All about the kids!
  Running, jumping, exploring, playing hide and love playing outdoors and getting muddy. This summer there's no better place to have fun than Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal, where you can tick off 35 of the '50 things to do before you're 11¾    
  Have an adventure
  Make every day an adventure by climbing trees, skimming stones, rolling down hills and building dens. Or why not join a led activity such as making wild art, hunting bugs, making a kite or seed sowing?    
  Find out more...

We have highlighted the top ten below but if you would like to find out more and for full details of all activites visit the Fountains Abbey website

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  There are so many things to do, we couldn't list them all so here are the top 10 tasters!  

  Skim a stone: Studley Lake and the Seven Bridges Valley are the best places to skim stones - find the flattest and smoothest stone you can.  
  Hunt for bugs: In the huge old trees in the Deer Park you'll discover all sorts of amazing creepy crawlies. Or you could join one of the bug hunts on Saturday 24th August with Dr Roger Key*  
  Build a raft: On Saturday 25th and 26 May, challenge yourself to make your very own mini-raft at a workshop*...can you make it float?  
  Discover what's in a pond: All sorts of weird and wonderful creatures lurk in a pond - see what you can uncover at one of the pond dipping workshops*  
  Run around in the rain: Who says getting wet isn't fun?! Get your wellies on and find some puddles to jump in!  
  Fly a kite: Join one of the activity days* where you not only make kites, you can fly them too!  
  Build a den: Branches, twigs and leaves make surprisingly cosy dens - find all you need in the den building area.  
  Find a geocache: Borrow a geocache and hunt for treasure around the estate.  
  Roll down a hill: The fun way to get  to the bottom!  
  Explore inside a tree: There's one tree in the Deer Park that you can climb right inside! Can you find it?  
  * Booking essential. Please see