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sadie rose

  We know CNG is an extra-ordinary company and now they are proving it once again by doing an extraordinary thing for an extraordinary little girl.
The CNG community day for the Sadie Rose Memorial Fund.
  Sitting on an office chair doesn't sound that exciting or extraordinary, right? Well imagine if that chair was being pushed from Harrogate to Knaresborough in a 26 mile World Record attempt to raise as much money as possible for the Sadie Rose Memorial Fund! What's more, the money raised is going to build a beautiful memorial butterfly bench in Knaresborough!  
  CNG needs your help! On Wednesday 6th November we need everyone to come down to see us and donate what you can on the day.  
  We all know the story of Sadie Rose Clifford and every penny helps towards the fight against Neuroblastoma. You can find out what the appeal does here  

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  The aim? To raise £4000 to build a butterfly memorial bench in memory of Sadie Rose Clifford at Bebra Gardens in Knaresborough.

On Wednesday 6th November the team will be pushing someone on an office chair from Harrogate to Knaresborough covering a full 26 miles!!

The team will start at CNG House and finish at Bebra Gardens/Knaresbrough Castle and hope to finish within six hours. Aswell as raising money for this fantastic cause, this will also be a world record attempt, so come out and support us if you can.

  Donating is simple, come and support them on the route and drop some money in the buckets or if you can't make it, keep listening to Stray FM to find out other ways to donate!  
  CNG and Stray FM raising money for the Sadie Rose Clifford memorial fund. Be a part of it!  



If you are planning on cheering on the team and making a donation here is the route they will be taking...


09:00 - Start - CNG Offices, Victoria Avenue
09:15 - Harrogate Town centre
09:30 - Valley Gardens
09:45 - Beckwith Knowle
10:00 - Changeover - Beckwith Road
10:05 - Rossett School
10:15 - Cold Bath Road
10:30 - Asda
10:45 - Harrogate Town Centre
11:00 - Changeover - Kwik Fit
11:10 - Leeds Road (New M&S Site)
11:20 - Hornbeam Park
11:35 - St Aiden's School
11:45 - Harrogate Hospital
11:50 CNG Stadium (Harrogate Town FC)

12:00 - Changeover - Wetherby Road/Rudbeck Drive
12:05 - Sainsbury's12:20 - Morrisons
12:40 - Top of Knaresborough Road
13:00 - Changeover - Starbeck (Avenue Close)
13:15 - Mother Shiptons
13:25 - Knaresborough Market
13:40 - Co-op (Chain Lane)
14:00 - Changeover - St James Retail Park
14:15 - King James School
14:25 - Abbey Road (Wetherby Road end)
14:40 - Bond End
14:50 - Knaresborough Market
15:00 - Finish - Knaresborough Castle