The Vet Hospital - Oakbeck
  Proudly sponsored by The Vet Hospital - Oakbeck
  Vet Hospital are a group of veterinary practices in Harrogate and Ripon, working with you to provide the best possible care for your pets    
  The Vet Hospital regard their clients as friends, not just customers, which means that they never take for granted the fact that you choose them to care for your pets.
They strive to continually improve on the excellent clinical care and personal service that they provide – investing in training and equipment to ensure that you and your pets are in very safe hands.
  As an RCVS-certified Veterinary Hospital, their nursing staff are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for in-patients. This means that if your pet has to be admitted, he or she will never be left alone.    
  They also have two sister practices, Acorn Veterinary Clinic in Ripon and Ashdale Veterinary Clinic on Otley Road in Harrogate. Their centrally held patient database ensures that all your pet’s records are fully accessible whichever of the three practices you visit; and they are able to transport patients between branches in their custom-built ambulances.    
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  The Pet that looks most like it's owner Award
  People say pets look like their owners. Does your pet look like you? We want you to nominate your pet for the Look-a-like Award. Send us a photo with both you and your pet together.
  The Best Furry Friend Award
  Is your pet your best friend? Nominate them by sending us a photo and telling us why they are.
  The Bravest Pet Award
  Has your pet done something brave? Nominate them for the Bravest Pet Award.
  The Cutest Pet Award
  Everyone says their pet is the cutest but are they really? Send us a photo and nominate them for the cutest pet award.
  The Rescue Award
  Have you adopted a pet from a rescue home? If so, we want to know about them, nominate them for the Rescue Award.
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  The Best Furry Friend Award
Winner: Alice Halstead & Holly

holly_alice halstead_best furry friend
   The Bravest Pet Award
Winner: Derek Hammond (on behalf of The Nash Family) & Basil

Basil_Derek Hammond on behalf of The Nash Family_bravest
   The Cutest Pet Award
Winner: Naomi Kitcher & Luna

Luna_Naomi Kitcher_cutest
   The Rescue Pet Award
Winner: Joyce Zografakis & Nigel

Nigel_Joyce Zografakis_rescue
   The Pet that looks most like it's owner Award
Winner: Claire Stockil & Jack

Jack_Claire Stockil_pet looks owner

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The closing date for entries is Wednesday 12th June at 17:00. The winners will be announced on Nick Hancock at Breakfast. Good Luck and keep checking back to what else we've got up for grabs over the next few weeks.