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Harrogate Family Law - August (Part Four)

What if my ex goes on holiday without permission?

Harrogate Family Law - August (Part Three)

Can I move abroad? What happens if we don't agree?

Harrogate Family Law - August (Part Two)

Where can I take my child on holiday, both with and without the other person's consent?

Harrogate Family Law - August (Part One)

Can I take my child on Holiday? What does parental responsibility really mean, who has PR other than you?

Harrogate Family Law Show - May 2016

Join James Stanley and Ellie Foster for advice on what to do with your house in a divorce.

Harrogate Family Law - April 2016

Join Claudia and James as they talk through divorce and the effects it can have on your children.

Harrogate Family Law - March 2016

Get top advice on divorce from Andrew Meehan - Harrogate Family Law

Harrogate Family Law - Feb 2016 - Part 4

Frequently asked questions, including "we're not married but we have lived together for years...surely this is a common law marriage

Harrogate Family Law - Feb 2016 - Part 3

Co-habitation agreements...which factors do they take into account? Is making a will important?

Harrogate Family Law - Feb 2016 - Part 2

What is covered by a pre-nup or post-nup?


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